Our Values


I regularly accept and get involved in challenges

What do Alcims say?

Consultant, Paris

For me, SURPASSING at Alcimed means pushing beyond one’s comfort zone to achieve the best results and ensure maximum client satisfaction while constantly developing oneself.


Alcimed is a blank page on which each of us has to write

What do Alcims say?

Chief Explorer, Singapore

The ADVENTURE spirit at Alcimed can be illustrated for me by the opportunity to move to the other side of the world to establish a new base camp, and to maintain this entrepreneurial spirit.


If I am efficient and respect the rules, everything is possible

What do Alcims say?

Consultant, Brussels

For me, FREEDOM at Alcimed means to get involved on digital, sports, and environmental topics that I am passionate about, and embark with Alcims on crazy adventures!


We are all moving forward in the same direction

What do Alcims say?

Project Manager, Princeton

TEAMWORK at Alcimed goes beyond hierarchy, functions and geography. Help from a colleague is always just one phone call away! We stand by each other, both in effort and in celebration of a satisfied customer :-)


We have fun everyday

What do Alcims say?

Business Development Manager, Paris

The FUN at Alcimed? It is every single day of the year! A value made possible for me thanks to our team, who never misses an opportunity to have fun! Interactions with client (team building activities, unusual places for workshops,...), tasting sessions, parties and other events to transform the seriousness of consulting into unforgettable moments!

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