Alcivax 6 March 2020 - Weekly digest on COVID-19 coronavirus

Alcivax #1 – Alcimed weekly digest on coronavirus news

Alcimed’s healthcare team digests all the COVID-19 coronavirus science, tech and industry news to keep you from burning out before the outbreak does.


Will COVID-19 become a pandemic? Efforts are already underway to develop prevention and treatment strategies, and it will certainly take a great deal of cooperation. One the one hand, many major pharma and novel biotechs have submitted entries into the race for a vaccine. One the other hand, existing drugs re-purposed to fight COVID-19 are in trials for use. In any case, at this stage of the outbreak, accurate and sufficient diagnosis plays an important role in controlling disease transmission and progression.


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Alcivax 1st edition - Weekly digest on COVID-19 coronavirus by Alcimed