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Fibre optics: the ideal sensor for monitoring in extreme conditions

9 November 2018 | Press releases

The use of optical fibre for more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry has made a significant contribution to reducing the cost and improving the quality of components. This evolution has led to the development of a new type of application: fibre optic sensors, a particularly interesting technology in extreme conditions where the conventional […]

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Smartphone recycling: A sector of excellence in the making

22 October 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, reviews the smartphone recycling market. French consumers change their mobile phones every other year. These devices have significant impacts on the environment. Rather than keeping our old smartphones in our drawers, solutions exist to give old smartphones a second life to avoid keeping them in a drawer. […]

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Alzheimer’s: towards new modalities of care

24 September 2018 | Press releases

Alzheimer is the most common neurodegenerative disease and is a source of great concern within our society. Currently, patients suffering from the condition are routinely treated with four drugs (and their generics). However, since August 1st 2018, after being deemed ineffective by the High Authority of Health (HAS), these drugs are no longer reimbursed in […]

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Innovations in the soft drinks segment

17 September 2018 | Press releases

ALCIMED, a consulting company specialised in innovation and the development of new businesses, is looking at the revival of innovation in the soft drinks sector. Driven by both major brands and start-ups, the soft drinks segment is experiencing a strong growth through organic, health and connectivity innovation trends. The organic trend is growing in the […]

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5 key trends in managing respiratory diseases

10 September 2018 | Press releases

With more than 200 million patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), 235 million asthmatics, and 8.7 million patients affected by tuberculosis, respiratory diseases are gaining ground worldwide [1]. Given these numbers and the impact on patients’ quality of life, manufacturers are looking for innovations that could improve patient care. Alcimed, a consulting company […]

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Organic food for pets in Europe: a new market for pet food players

20 August 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and new business development, reviews a new mega-trend in the pet food industry driven by owners’ expectations. Driven by a consumer demand for informed and healthy human food, pet products are jumping onto the organic trend. Inspired by the increasing feeling that animals are considered as full family […]

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Observations and evolution prospects for the PAERPA program within the frame of PTAs implementation.

11 August 2018 | Press releases

Since 2016, the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has been rolling out their PAERPA program in one pilot territory per region, aiming at improving care for the ageing population and preventing the loss of its autonomy. Alcimed has supported several territories in the implementation of this program, both on the formalization of management […]

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Adapted employment in France: Facing the challenges of disability, what are the prospects?

27 July 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and new business development, studies employment challenges of the disabled at disability-friendly companies in France and presents the trends in public support for these companies. 2.7 million people are now recognized as disabled in France including one million of active individuals contributing to the country’s economic activity. However, […]

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Raw Materials for the Energy Transition

9 July 2018 | Press releases

The Energy Transition requires raw materials present, in a quasi-monopolistic situation in some countries and whose reserves may be low, where recycling is difficult or is having a strong societal and environmental impact. ALCIMED, a consulting company in Innovation and New Businesses, examines the status of certain raw materials related to the Energy Transition, their […]

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How to organize the prevention and fight against Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue fever?

28 June 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and new business development, provides an update on the risks associated with arboviruses worldwide and the strategies to fight these viruses. Contrarily to what their name suggests, arboviruses are not transmitted by trees but rather by arthropods and particularly by certain mosquitoes. They are a large family of […]

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Preventive biology: definition and challenges

24 June 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and new businesses, provides an update on the on the definition and challenges of preventive biology. As an integral part of “anti-aging” medicine it brings together applications at the frontiers of medicine and early diagnosis, sometimes incorporating controversial practices. How can we delay the effects of time? How […]

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Gene-editing: What’s next after CRISPR Cas9?

3 June 2018 | Press releases

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, is committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in observing emerging technologies such as gene editing technologies CRISPR Cas9 and the following generations. Gene editing describes the process of insertion, deletion or replacing a specific gene of the genome of an organism to introduce a new function or […]

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Four tailor-made cosmetics manufacturing strategies: from artisanal point-of-sale manufacturing to automated small batch production

13 December 2017 | Press releases

Paris, December 13th 2017 – Following the enthusiasm for tailor-made cosmetics and care, Alcimed, a consulting firm specialized in innovation and new market development, is taking a closer look at the strategies and technologies implemented by four French and Canadian cosmetic brands releasing their products in small series in order to meet the needs of […]

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E-Health – Technology benefiting the patient-physician relationship: what are the challenges and barriers?

11 November 2017 | Press releases

Lyon, November 10, 2017 – Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and business development, is revisiting the promise of e-health and the challenges to be tackled to enable it to really take off in France.   Towards a transformation of care management The latest medical and economic studies show that chronic diseases account for […]

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