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Alcimed supports its clients in the exploration of their uncharted territories, which often leads to the question: Have others already done so? If so, how? A benchmark is there to answer these questions! A benchmark aims at identifying good practices implemented by other players in a similar situation. It is a question of analyzing successes but also failures, in order to draw useful lessons in terms of do’s and don’ts. It is therefore first and foremost an inspirational approach, on subjects as varied as organizational models, tools, business models, transformations of all types, technologies, services, etc. Beyond an exploratory aspect to inspire, our team also carries out benchmarks with the objective to carry out a comparative analysis, allowing our clients to situate themselves in their market environment with respect to their competitors.

Examples of recent explorations performed by our teams:

Reorganization of the medical affairs department of a pharmaceutical company
For a leading pharmaceutical player wishing to reorganize its medical affairs department by specialty, Alcimed carried out a benchmark of the organizational and operational models of medical affairs departments in the pharmaceutical industry. Our team analyzed existing models in terms of governance, structure, operational functioning, roles and responsibilities within their companies. This benchmark allowed us to identify the different possible models for our client, to understand the key success factors and the pitfalls and traps inherent to an evolution of medical affairs by specialty areas, and to recommend the best way to build the new medical affairs team.

Benchmark of innovative business models
We worked with a leading animal health player who wanted to imagine new business models linked to new services to be developed. We organized an "inspiration" workshop with players from different sectors such as Butagaz, Xerox, Samsung and Somfy. This workshop was structured in 2 key steps: the first one consisted of testimonials from these inspiring companies to better understand the history, best practices and key success factors of their models, and the second one consisted in co-defining with our client the best model adapted to their specific case.

Benchmark of digital customer communities for an energy player
For a leading energy player, we assessed the feasibility of developing a virtual customer community to promote energy efficiency in the French overseas departments and territories. To validate the feasibility and relevance of such a community, our team carried out a benchmark study of 30 existing virtual communities and 10 inspiring initiatives in different sectors, identifying the associated best practices, the pitfalls to be avoided and transposing them to our client's issues. Finally, our team recommended our client to get started and also pointed out relevant potential platform designs and partners required to implement this initiative.

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