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Since its creation, Alcimed supports its clients in developing their activities, or business development, and by exploring and developing their unknown territories. Whether it is a question of entering a new geography or a new market, of launching new products or services on an existing or unknown market, or more generally of launching new innovative concepts, our teams accompany our clients from the definition of their commercial strategies to the operational support of commercial development (targeting strategy, prospecting, negotiation, sales) in order to participate in the growth of their revenue.

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How we help you in your business development

Depending on the structure and needs of our clients, Alcimed can take charge of the different stages of their commercial development: construction of commercial pitch, prospecting tools, identification of prospects, prospecting, qualification of opportunities, negotiation support, up to the generation of the first revenue and the signature of the first contracts. Our business development support is aimed at all types of structures: leading industrial groups, institutes, laboratories and public structures, SMEs and startups!

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Alcimed supported an industrial player in the field of silicone to develop in a new market unknown to our client: the North American dressing market. Prior to our action in the field, we built a sales pitch on the basis of qualitative interviews conducted with potential prospects. Following this, our team established a list of prioritized potential prospects, identified key contacts and made the first calls. At the end, 300 companies were analyzed in the North American wound dressing market, 50 priority prospects were identified and 10 key calls were obtained by our client.
We supported the "New Business Development" team of a pharmaceutical company in a project to identify and analyze potential clients. Our client's team, which has field sales teams in many geographies, was driven by establishing collaborations with SMEs in pharma, with the aim of helping them to access markets where they are not present, in order to increase the coverage of their products among the patients concerned. In this context, our client's team wanted to better understand the business strategy and product sales partnering needs of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. Our team investigated 30 companies of interest to our client and analyzed their geographic coverage gaps and the associated revenue shortfalls in each country not covered. Our study allowed our client to identify new business development opportunities, most of them with links and interests pre-identified by our team.
We helped an industrial player to build its Smart Monitoring offer through a business development approach. Our team first carried out a benchmark of "Smart Monitoring" offers, allowing to build a first draft of a potential offer. We then identified a few prospects and interviewed some of them to collect their needs and expectations and pre-test first arguments. Then, 10 meetings were organized to test the receptivity of potential customers in order to refine the offer in an iterative way. Alcimed also created promotional material: visual presentation of the offer for our client’s team, associated sales speeches as well as an interactive video. In the end, our client was able to establish advanced contacts with potential prospects, which will certainly be promising business leads and be pursued as soon as the offer is commercially fully ready.
We supported a leading vaccine player in redesigning its current due diligence process to address several identified limitations: the absence of a common standard procedure for all, the lack of skills of some members involved and the lack of training program in place, the insufficient exhaustiveness in some parts of the risk analysis, or the lack of real-time sharing of progress on each business development project. In order to overcome these limitations, and to formalize a new set of standard procedures, our team has implemented a 4 key steps approach:

  1. A critical analysis of current practices
  2. A benchmark of the practices of other industrial players and investment funds
  3. The organization of a workshop to co-construct the “new business development” process with the team concerned
  4. The development and sharing of key tools to be used in the process.

In the end, our project enabled our client to define a new method to conduct their due diligence projects, with a trained and motivated team.

Founded in 1993, Alcimed is an innovation and new business consulting firm, specializing in innovation driven sectors: life sciences (healthcare, biotech, agrifood), energy, environment, mobility, chemicals, materials, cosmetics, aeronautics, space and defence.

Our purpose? Helping both private and public decision-makers explore and develop their uncharted territories: new technologies, new offers, new geographies, possible futures, and new ways to innovate.

Located across eight offices around the world (France, Europe, Singapore and the United States), our team is made up of 220 highly-qualified, multicultural and passionate explorers, with a blended science/technology and business culture.

Our dream? To build a team of 1,000 explorers, to design tomorrow's world hand in hand with our clients.


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