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Improve your customer satisfaction by working on your customer experience

Alcimed helps its customers in their customer experience strategies and in optimizing their level of customer relationship, i.e. the perception that their consumers, clients or patients have of all their interactions with the brand throughout the customer journey, whether before, during or after the act of purchase or use.

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What is customer experience?

The customer experience is the perception that consumers, clients or patients have of all their interactions with a brand throughout their journey, whether before, during or after the act of purchase or use (online and offline marketing elements, discovery and use of the product or service, telephone or face-to-face exchanges with brand representatives, etc.). This concerns the emotions and the feelings felt by the customer, which give them a more or less positive appreciation of the brand.


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How our team can help you develop or improve your customer experience?

Alcimed helps its clients optimize their customer experience level. In a context of increased competition, enhancing the customer experience is a formidable tool for differentiating oneself, developing emotional attachment and ultimately impacting the customer’s behavior and purchase intention.

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Examples of customer experience projects conducted by our team: zoom on some clients cases

We supported a pharmaceutical company to develop a digital support offer for Crohn’s disease patients. Our client wanted to understand what the major issues were in the patient care pathway and what levers could be used to address them, in order to develop its solution accordingly. By identifying and prioritizing obstacles in the treatment process of this disease during a workshop with patients and by co-defining operational solutions to improve and develop the quality of life and well-being of patients, Alcimed enabled its client to develop a solid action plan to create a new patient support program.
Our team helpeda leading pharmaceutical company understand the emotions experienced by patients suffering from a rare disease in order to develop a range of services to improve their well-being and quality of life. After mapping patients’ emotions throughout their care pathway (from pre-diagnosis to palliative care) in several European countries, our team conducted a benchmark of services for patients, before selecting, during a workshop with our client’s teams, ideas for services to be implemented to respond to the emotional challenges identified with patients.
One of our clients, a player in the winter sports equipment industry, wanted to be supported in the development and prototyping of new services to enhance the experience of its customers who are passionate about mountain sports. To do so, our team carried out an on-site observation, mobilized our client's community of 200,000 members (skiers, snowboarders, etc.) and carried out the realization of creative workshops in order to launch of a new value-generating service of services for improving the customer experience along the entire home-mountain route. Alcimed was thus able to contribute to the launch of a new service that would generate value for mountain enthusiasts!
We assisted a leading pharmaceutical company in redesigning its sales approach to prescribers to make it more digital. The Covid-19 crisis having strongly impacted the usual interactions of the sales force with doctors, our client wanted to rethink its entire go-to-market approach on the 'customer experience' part to develop a new approach, entirely digital, and different from the competition. By identifying trends and benchmarking non-pharmaceutical players in their digital sales approach, and by analyzing the receptivity of doctors to the pre-identified ideas, we helped our client's sales and marketing teams to define their new 'customer experience', from the inspiration phase to the implementation of the new practices within the field team.

Founded in 1993, Alcimed is an innovation and new business consulting firm, specializing in innovation driven sectors: life sciences (healthcare, biotech, agrifood), energy, environment, mobility, chemicals, materials, cosmetics, aeronautics, space and defence.

Our purpose? Helping both private and public decision-makers explore and develop their uncharted territories: new technologies, new offers, new geographies, possible futures, and new ways to innovate.

Located across eight offices around the world (France, Europe, Singapore and the United States), our team is made up of 220 highly-qualified, multicultural and passionate explorers, with a blended science/technology and business culture.

Our dream? To build a team of 1,000 explorers, to design tomorrow's world hand in hand with our clients.


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