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Diversification strategy

Expand your business with a diversification strategy

Alcimed assists its clients in their diversification strategy, whether through the development or acquisition of new strategic activities, or through the expansion of their existing activities into new markets.

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What is a diversification strategy?

Diversification often resembles a risk management strategy designed either to limit operating risks (cyclical or seasonal fluctuations, competitors invading the market, etc.) or, on the contrary, to take new risks to create synergies between the current portfolio and new activities.

A diversification strategy consists therefore in the investment of a new area of strategic activity, by acquiring or extending current activities to new geographies or market segments. It is opposed to a specialization strategy.


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How our team can help you conduct a diversification strategy?

Our team support you in developing and acquiring new businesses or expanding your existing businesses into new markets. We work both on strategic reflections related to a desire for diversification and on the operational implementation of the defined strategies.

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Examples of diversification strategies conducted by our team: zoom on some clients cases

We helped a pharmaceutical company make a strategic decision to diversify their activities in the field of herbal medicine. This diversification project was based on a study of 7 countries of interest in order to understand both the potential of this field and the possible synergies with existing activities in terms of medical sales, distribution, reputation, production, etc. In the end, Alcimed conducted 2 strategic scenarios allowing a successful entry in this field.
We worked with an insurance company that, having a niche positioning, wanted to diversify towards new customer segments. Our client called on our team to overcome the inertia of this strategic subject internally, which had been stagnating for many months. In order to advance this subject and the associated decision making, we organized a round table with five players from other business sectors, who had achieved a diversification almost similar to that of our client. These exchanges on diversification strategies allowed us to generate inspiration as to the paths that could be taken and to highlight the key success factors and the pitfalls to avoid in this diversification strategy, thus reassuring our client's management committee on the necessity and the method to carry out this development successfully. Following this roundtable, we continued our support to help our client finalize his diversification strategy by confronting on the market the three previously identified diversification scenarios, until the management committee took their final decision.
One of our clients, a global pharmaceutical leader, wanted to secure the position of one of its blockbusters facing an intense competition and to diversify its activities by setting up new associated services for healthcare professionals and patients. In this project, our team first conducted a phase of identification of potential services via a benchmark of hospital and out-of-hospital healthcare services and a study of the unmet needs of patients and physicians in several countries. After this first phase, we evaluated and selected (according to several criteria co-defined with our client) the most relevant services to develop to diversify its activities. Once the services were selected, we then defined the product and service offer "packs"  and declined them operationally within a dozen of subsidiaries.
We supported one of our clients, a leader company in the healthcare sector, who wanted to explore the opportunity to diversify its activities through the integration and use of digital solutions for the generation and collection of real-life data (Real-World Evidence - RWE). For this project, our teams evaluated the different data capture technologies, their characteristics, advantages and limitations, as well as the existing approaches for their use in France in RWE. Following our analysis, we defined four approaches enabling our client to integrate and implement these new services of digital data solutions and we co-built an operational action plan for the realization of pilot projects. In the end, one of the pilots was successful and our client was able to launch new services to diversify its activities.

Founded in 1993, Alcimed is an innovation and new business consulting firm, specializing in innovation driven sectors: life sciences (healthcare, biotech, agrifood), energy, environment, mobility, chemicals, materials, cosmetics, aeronautics, space and defence.

Our purpose? Helping both private and public decision-makers explore and develop their uncharted territories: new technologies, new offers, new geographies, possible futures, and new ways to innovate.

Located across eight offices around the world (France, Europe, Singapore and the United States), our team is made up of 220 highly-qualified, multicultural and passionate explorers, with a blended science/technology and business culture.

Our dream? To build a team of 1,000 explorers, to design tomorrow's world hand in hand with our clients.


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