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Dossier creation

Alcimed supports its clients in the preparation of various files. This is a crucial step that determines the obtaining of vital financial aid for the realization of a project. Therefore, it requires time and specific skills. Alcimed supports you in your regional, national, and European aid procedures for your innovation and research projects. Our team supports you in your search for financing (in-depth analysis of eligibility, potential amount, contacting potential funders), the preparation of the file and the follow-up of its instruction.

Examples of recent explorations performed by our teams:

Support in setting up a H2020 project
Support in setting up the H2020 BoneRegTech project, on the dimensions 'market research, setting up and coordination of the different partners (distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the project partners as well as setting up a writing and validation process)'. Our team led the follow-up of the contributions of the different partners, carried out a critical rereading of the "scientific excellence" part of the file and more generally raised potential improvements based on our experience in the matter. We also contributed to the 'management' part of the dossier and wrote the 'impact' part, in collaboration with the project coordinator and the other members of the partnership. Alcimed then submitted the H2020 dossier on time and in the form expected by the European Commission!

Mapping potential funding options and preparing financing applications for innovative start-ups
Our team supported the project owners of start-ups of an incubator in mapping the public and private innovation financing mechanisms available and in drafting financing applications. We first worked on the identification and characterization of public innovation financing windows in France and Europe: funder, eligibility criteria, associated amounts, and types of aid. Secondly, our team identified and characterized the private seed and fund-raising schemes associated with the development of innovations in France, ultimately enabling our client to select the appropriate funding channels for its various projects. Our team then assisted the project owners in drafting their financing applications.

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