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Learning expedition

Alcimed supports its clients in the organization of ‘learning expeditions’ with the aim of meeting stakeholders from other companies, mainly outside any competitive environment, in order to learn from their experiences on key issues/challenges (e.g evolution of their organization or of a specific business/role, transition to a new marketing or communication model, development of a new concept or a new offer,…). These study tours allow our clients to benchmark other players and learn from their lived experiences in order to be better prepared for change.

Examples of recent explorations performed by our teams:

Service-offering for the hospital of the future
Organization of a learning expedition with a medical device leader aiming at defining the evolution of their activities in relation to the evolution of hospitals by 2030. Alcimed organized a study tour consisting of several visits to innovative hospitals, meetings with researchers in the field, and exploring start-ups focused on the evolution of hospital activities.

Transparency towards consumers
Organization of a learning expedition with a global food leader to explore how other food & beverage industry players moved towards an increasingly ‘transparent’ approach with consumers and the related necessary operational changes from supply chain to marketing within the organizatiton.

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