Opportunity evaluation

We support our clients in the evaluation of new business opportunities. In this opportunity evaluation, the business opportunities we assess may be products, technologies, services, or markets.

Alcimed: consulting opportunity evaluation

How we help you evaluate your business opportunities

When carrying out an opportunity evaluation, our analysis dimensions are varied and adapted to the problems of our client: regulatory, technological, economic, ethical, sociological aspects, etc. Through these dimensions, we evaluate the attractiveness of opportunities as opposed to their feasibility, all within a given time horizon, which allows us to distinguish between “quick-wins” and longer-term projects.

Alcimed has developed a particular know-how in exploring business opportunities in very specialized or even niche markets (orphan diseases, emerging technologies, specific geographies, etc.) where information and/or expertise are generally limited.

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Some examples of business opportunity evaluation projects for our clients

Strategic evaluation of a digital health opportunity in the pain management market

We supported a pharmaceutical company to take a position on a proposed acquisition of a new digital pain management solution. We characterized the key markets in pain management by segmenting them by geography and use case, and assessed the potential for the solution, taking into account, regulatory specificities, market access, cultural habits, etc. Finally, we validated the value proposition of the start-up’s value proposition and recommended to our client to proceed with the technical due diligence.

Selection of the best development opportunities for a gene therapy in rare diseases

We supported a biotech company specialized in gene therapy for rare diseases in one of its strategic development projects. Our client’s goal was to build a franchise in the field of neuro-ophthalmology for the next 5 years. The main challenge being related to the nature of rare diseases (little or no information, a strong dispersion of patients, poorly optimized care pathways, strong disparities between geographies…), we assisted our client in a commercial pre-evaluation on 3 rare ophthalmic diseases: description of the disease, epidemiological analysis, diagnosis and treatment practices, competitive landscape, unmet needs,… in order to guide our client towards commercial opportunities, indicate how to address them, and recommend the opportunity to work on in priority.

Opportunity evaluation for a companion medical device

We helped the Cardiology division of one of our clients understand whether a start-up developing a home-based medical device, which measures a cardiac parameter of interest, may be an appropriate partner for a strategic investment; and whether the medical device of this start-up can be profitable as a stand-alone product within a 3-to-5-year time horizon. To do so, our team first realized an analysis of the revenue projections of the start-up via a benchmark of the activities of similar companies, an in-depth study of the competition, and an estimation of the market potential in several geographies. We then conducted a strategic audit of the start-up’s assets. In the end, our analysis enabled us to recommend to our client to include the device into its portfolio rather than marketing it as a stand-alone product.

Opportunity evaluation and search for partners in e-health

We assisted one of our clients, a leading industrial player in healthcare, in the evaluation of a strategic opportunity in the e-health speech disorders market. To do so, our team conducted a literature review and interviews to identify the players, understand and evaluate the teletherapy market for speech and language disorders. We interviewed potential partners to understand their solutions, their current business models and to evaluate their willingness to partner with our client. For this search for partners, our team developed an interactive Excel tool to describe and visualize the potential partnering models between our client and each of the companies studied. In the end, our client was able to short-list partners, meet with them and conclude an agreement with one of them.

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