Workshops are an excellent opportunity for us to directly engage our clients in creativity, alignment, co-construction and team-building sessions. All our workshops are organized ad hoc, and combine our knowledge and understanding of the topic with specific methodologies (design thinking, consensus, simulation…), fun animation methods (role-playing games, wargames, escape games, life-size games, customized board games, etc.), and innovative and/or creative tools (Klaxoon, magic pens, 20 second kit, marshallows, lego…).

Example of a recent exploration performed by our teams:

Developing the future pipeline for the global R&D team of an agribusiness leader through a "culinary workshop"; from collecting their "ingredients" (ideas) to making their "recipe" (R&D investment program), Alcimed supported the R&D teams in building their future, with two of the developed programs being selected for further evaluation by the company’s executive committee.

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