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Workshops are an excellent opportunity for us to directly engage our clients in creativity, alignment, co-construction and team-building sessions. All our workshops are organized ad hoc, in person or remotely, and combine our knowledge and understanding of the topic with specific methodologies (design thinking, consensus, simulation…), fun animation methods (role-playing games, wargames, escape games, life-size games, customized board games, etc.), and innovative and/or creative tools (Klaxoon, magic pens, 20 second kit, marshallows, lego…).

Examples a recent explorations performed by our teams:

Workshop for the co-definition of a shared ambition and an associated roadmap
Co-building the ambition and the five-year strategic roadmap of a vaccine player with the members of its board of directors. Alcimed organized a two-day workshop combining plenary sessions (co-definition of the ambition, intervention of external speakers, etc.), co-construction sessions in sub-groups (declining the ambition into an action plan per strategic pillar, etc.) and moments of fun, exchange or team-building during breaks, lunches and evenings. This exercise enabled our client to achieve its co-construction objective and to strengthen the cohesion of its management committee.

Organization of a "culinary" workshop to decide on R&D investments
Developing the future pipeline for the global R&D team of an agribusiness leader through a "culinary workshop"; from collecting their "ingredients" (ideas) to making their "recipe" (R&D investment program), Alcimed supported the R&D teams in building their future, with two of the developed programs being selected for further evaluation by the company’s executive committee.

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