CSR: Let’s take up this challenge together!

Published on 05 May 2020 Read 25 min

No breaking news here: societies are becoming more and more environmentally and socially conscious. Many companies work on their carbon footprint, the end-of-life of their products, their packaging to be greener, or generally apply new best practices to have a better social and environmental impact. As this consciousness expands, more and more companies implement CSR approaches and policies, incorporating environmental and social concerns into their business, making CSR an integral part of their strategy. At Alcimed, we believe that CSR strategies have the potential to impact the business environment of our clients and are absolutely linked to innovation.

This year, Alcimed launches a new activity in CSR!

Breaking news here: in this context, our team decided to consolidate a CSR offer and have a dedicated team for CSR explorations this year! We offer our clients, decision-makers within the Healthcare, Food, Chemistry, Materials, Cosmetics, Energy, Mobility, Environment & Aerospace industries, an offer based on 5 pillars: Strategy, Solutions, Impact on the value chain, Engagement and Image.

To address our customers’ needs, we rely on a unique positioning in innovation and new business, a flexible and reactive approach without a pre-established methodology, a recognized know-how in investigation, a geographical, cultural and sectorial proximity with our customers and a strong passion for CSR topics!

Our team can help you in developing your CSR activities taking into consideration the context of your business. For instance, we can support you in tackling the following challenges:

– developing your CSR strategy and building your CSR roadmap with associated targets and KPIs
– developing your CSR activities on your products, services, packaging, technologies or industrial processes
– optimizing your impact on the value chain by identifying potential partners to develop more environmentally friendly products or services
– defining an engagement program to communicate and valorize your actions internally and externally
–  assessing your image regarding your CSR positioning through an external perception analysis

… and many other ad-hoc projects!

Feel free to reach out to our team to find out more about our capabilities or discuss any challenges you have with regards to CSR. Let’s explore together!

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