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Cannabidiol Use in Animals

21 November 2019 | Press releases

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, describes the trend in increasing Cannabidiol products for companion animals and discusses the current level of scientific evidence and the future of this market.

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Parallels between exploring space and the brain

6 November 2019 | Press releases

Space exploration and brain exploration, two fields that seem very distant on paper, actually have a lot in common and can each learn from the other for the future. Alcimed, whose mission is to explore and develop uncharted territories, had the pleasure of addressing this exciting subject at a conference at the end of 2018.

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Organ-on-a-chip: in vitro revival of preclinical trials?

11 October 2019 | Press releases

Preclinical testing is perceived as an unavoidable and problematic step in drug development, with the major disadvantage of provoking ethical controversies related to animal welfare, while not always guaranteeing relevant results for manufacturers. Although it has long seemed unavoidable, the new organ modeling technology, “Organ-on-a-chip”, now seems to be on the way to bringing about innovation to this key stage.

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Biomimicry, a path to sustainable innovation for the energy and environment sectors

3 October 2019 | Press releases

Ultra-resistant or super-adhesive materials, survival at great depths or adaptation to amphibious life, with 3.6 billion years of R&D, the world of nature has proven that its ability to develop cutting-edge technologies. These feats, which are by their very essence respectful of their environment, have always been a source of inspiration for manufacturers. That innovative […]

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