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Organ-on-a-chip: in vitro revival of preclinical trials?

11 October 2019 | Press releases

Preclinical testing is perceived as an unavoidable and problematic step in drug development, with the major disadvantage of provoking ethical controversies related to animal welfare, while not always guaranteeing relevant results for manufacturers. Although it has long seemed unavoidable, the new organ modeling technology, “Organ-on-a-chip”, now seems to be on the way to bringing about innovation to this key stage.

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Biomimicry, a path to sustainable innovation for the energy and environment sectors

3 October 2019 | Press releases

Ultra-resistant or super-adhesive materials, survival at great depths or adaptation to amphibious life, with 3.6 billion years of R&D, the world of nature has proven that its ability to develop cutting-edge technologies. These feats, which are by their very essence respectful of their environment, have always been a source of inspiration for manufacturers. That innovative […]

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Leveraging digital technologies in training healthcare professionals: What are the key technologies, what is their added value and what are the success factors?

1 October 2019 | Press releases

At the end of 2018, the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health announced the 10 priorities of the “My health 2022” plan (in French, “Ma santé 2022”). In March 2019, Minister Agnès Buzyn declared that “among the many initiatives, digital health faces immense challenges”, starting with the transformation of training models for healthcare professionals. In […]

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Patient 2050: Transformation axis and associated challenges

26 September 2019 | Press releases

Predicting what the world of healthcare will look like in 2050 is a major challenge, yet the key trends in innovation combined with certain weaker signals suggest that the patient’s condition is likely to change over the next 30 years. In order to decipher the opportunities and challenges that will come along with the transformation […]

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Homeopathy in France: what are the challenges and prospects?

24 September 2019 | Press releases

In the debate between traditional and alternative medicine, the French Minister for Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn has asked the HAS, the French Health Agency (Haute autorité de santé), to reassess the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines. Not surprisingly, on June 28, the French Health Agency issued a negative opinion on the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines […]

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A successful “Green strategy” to differentiate from competitors

19 September 2019 | Press releases

More than 20 years ago, the “green wave” swept through the industry. We were then talking about “green washing”, referring to a set of more or less coordinated, opportunistic actions that were used to make the offers in place “greener”. But some companies have used this underlying thought to reinvent themselves. They have been able […]

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Photobiomodulation therapy: the power of light

12 September 2019 | Press releases

Photobiomodulation could reduce some of the side effects of cancer treatments such as mucositis and dermatitis. Doctors have high hopes for this new therapy, although they are waiting for a proof of efficacy and tolerance. Moreover, photobiomodulation has a large potential, as this procedure is not limited to oncology. Photobiomodulation, a new therapy to treat […]

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Maturation of Liquid Biopsy as a tool to optimize cancer treatment

1 August 2019 | Press releases

Alcimed, an innovation & new business consulting firm, has explored the trends in the liquid biopsy field and discusses some of the challenges as players move from the Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) market toward further validation in oncology. Liquid biopsy’s first application was in non-invasive prenatal testing with an explosive market penetration. Liquid biopsy has […]

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