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CAR T cell therapy future of oncology. Les thérapies à base de cellules CAR T et le futur de l'oncologie

4 key facts steering the future direction of CAR T-Cell therapies

19 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

CAR T-cell therapies gain more and more attention as being innovative immunotherapy options for cancer patients. Although being researched for years, the approval reach of new treatments is yet limited to certain types of blood cancer. Challenges linked to the therapy are still strong. At Alcimed, we looked at 4 key aspects that will guide you towards the future direction of development in this great field.

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The CAR-T cell revolution: The funding puzzle

10 October 2018 | Alcim's articles

With impressive results, particularly where conventional treatments have failed, CAR-T cells represent a real revolution in onco-hematology care. Two treatments are already available in the United States and are about to arrive in Europe. Alcimed, a consulting company specialized in innovation and the new businesses, has investigated this expensive therapy whose next challenge is undeniably […]

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