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18 June 2020 | Position papers

The role of the pharmaceutical industry is to deliver therapeutic innovations and bring them to real-life medical practices. Customer engagement is one of the critical component of the pharma model to enable to transfer these innovations into care practices and bring efficient and safe treatment options to patients to improve their lives. With this paper we aim to help decision makers within pharma companies reach this goal and excel in its execution while adapting it to today’s digitalized world, made even more online-driven by the covid-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 santé mentale et numérique. COVID-19, mental health and digital technology.

Mental health and COVID-19: which role can digital technology play?

4 June 2020 | Alcim's articles

Global health crises such as the COVID-19 crisis are synonymous with anxiety and can have a significant impact on our mental health. Public health France reports an increase in sleep disorders and a decrease in current life satisfaction during the period of confinement [1], which translates into a decrease in mental well-being. At the same time, digital technology is increasingly seen as a tool for mental health. Alcimed deciphers the links between mental health, COVID-19 and digital.

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Leveraging digital technologies in training healthcare professionals: What are the key technologies, what is their added value and what are the success factors?

1 October 2019 | Alcim's articles

At the end of 2018, the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health announced the 10 priorities of the “My health 2022” plan (in French, “Ma santé 2022”). In March 2019, Minister Agnès Buzyn declared that “among the many initiatives, digital health faces immense challenges”, starting with the transformation of training models for healthcare professionals. In […]

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Patient 2050: Transformation axis and associated challenges

26 September 2019 | Alcim's articles

Predicting what the world of healthcare will look like in 2050 is a major challenge, yet the key trends in innovation combined with certain weaker signals suggest that the patient’s condition is likely to change over the next 30 years. In order to decipher the opportunities and challenges that will come along with the transformation […]

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Digital, for easier and faster access to real life patient data

4 July 2019 | Alcim's articles

The development of digital technologies offers the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to think about doing things differently and better in many of their activities. ALCIMED, a consulting company in innovation and new businesses, analyses the opportunity offered by digital technology to acquire real-life patient data more easily and quickly. Real life data are generated as […]

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Digital Therapeutics: A development axis of the pharmaceutical industry

7 December 2018 | Alcim's articles

Alcimed, a consulting company specializing in innovation and new businesses, talks about the development of “digital therapeutics” and its impact on the development of traditional therapies. A definition of digital therapeutics Digital therapies (or DTx for “digital therapeutics”) form a new therapeutic approach. They are digital solutions that have demonstrated a direct impact on the […]

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The triple challenge of digital in pharma

25 October 2017 | Alcim's articles

Today, digital technologies are considered to be a chance for healthcare companies to reinvent the relationship with patients and healthcare professionals and capture business opportunities. Nevertheless, this redesign of exchanges between industrialists and environmental stakeholders has a strong impact on internal employees. ALCIMED, a consulting company specialized in innovation and new market development, analyses the […]

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Business aviation: how digital is changing the service sector

20 June 2017 | Alcim's articles

Alcimed, a consulting company specializing in innovation and the development of new markets, provides an update on the arrival of new services that have disrupted the business aviation sector in recent years. Between flight aggregation and integration of optimization services, digital technologies help to optimize operational costs. After going through a crisis in 2008, the […]

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