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Tests génétiques Santé Cosmétiques - Genetic tests Healthcare Cosmetics

How have genetic tests won over the general public?

27 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

Driven by rapid technological advances, genetic testing is now within the direct reach of consumers. This fast-growing market is pushing many companies to expand, particularly in Asian markets. And yet, the accumulation of data linked to the boom in this activity and their management are already a major challenge.

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CAR T cell therapy future of oncology. Les thérapies à base de cellules CAR T et le futur de l'oncologie

4 key facts steering the future direction of CAR T-Cell therapies

19 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

CAR T-cell therapies gain more and more attention as being innovative immunotherapy options for cancer patients. Although being researched for years, the approval reach of new treatments is yet limited to certain types of blood cancer. Challenges linked to the therapy are still strong. At Alcimed, we looked at 4 key aspects that will guide you towards the future direction of development in this great field.

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Médicaments innovants et nouveaux modèles de remboursement basés sur les résultats en santé. Innovative drugs and new outomces-based reimbursement models in healthcare

Innovative drugs and outcomes-based new reimbursement models: a necessity?

High costs of new innovative drugs obviously raise the issue of the capacity of national health insurance systems to finance them, especially as they are often effective in some cases only. The development of those new drugs requires consequently to think beyond the traditional “volume-based” reimbursement model and to go towards an “outcomes-based” reimbursement model in which expensive and selectively working drugs could be prescribed in more cases, even in doubt.

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Digital therapeutics DTx and the implications for pharma companies

3 myths about Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and the implications for pharma companies

15 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

The forecasted Digital therapeutics (DTx) global market annual growth for the upcoming years gravitates around 20%. This fast development triggers questions concerning the place of DTx in the healthcare system and the associated opportunities for pharma players. While the answers to these questions often remain blurry, Alcimed has looked to pour light on 3 of the most popular myths associated with the DTx.

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Trending Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics

3 Trending Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics: what can we anticipate?

5 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

To minimize the risk of a misdiagnosis, technologies such as AI, liquid biopsies, and wearables are being introduced and improved continuously for applications in diagnostics. These technologies are currently of high interest for their performances in efficiently aiding a physician’s diagnostics and workflow, providing alternatives for less invasive sample collection methods and offering comprehensive data overtime.

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5 trends that could revolutionize diabetes management

29 April 2020 | Alcim's articles

The ever-increasing prevalence of diabetes, the associated costs to healthcare systems, and the growing regional disparities in care are all issues that we have to face. For patients with diabetes, there is still a long way to go to fully non-invasive systems and curative therapies but new innovative treatments are emerging! Alcimed presents 5 key trends that have the potential to transform the daily lives of diabetic patients by 2030.

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3 key healthcare activities that AI will transform

Healthcare: 3 key activities that AI will transform

22 April 2020 | Alcim's articles

What are the 3 activities in healthcare that AI will empower? What are the opportunities for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical devices companies? Innovation in healthcare has always been a sensitive topic especially when it involves a greater role of the machine. At Alcimed, we looked at these integrations of artificial intelligence that are transforming the healthcare industry.

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Tumor agnostic treatments pricing- traitements contre les tumeurs agnostiques tarification

Vitrakvi & tumor agnostic treatments: current pricing discussion and outlook

1 April 2020 | Alcim's articles

Tumor agnostic treatments are a very new development in the exciting field of personalized medicine. These drugs can be applied to tumors of any type targeting specific genomic anomalies or molecular differences to healthy tissue. We focus on Bayer’s Vitrakvi, as it might become a precedent for similar treatments in clinical development with regards to approval and reimbursement decisions.

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Comment l’IA peut-elle accélérer la découverte de médicaments. How can AI accelerate drug discovery?

How can AI accelerate drug discovery?

31 March 2020 | Alcim's articles

The difficulty to come up with therapeutic solutions for rare diseases, the emergence of resistance to certain drugs or pressure on the price of drugs urge pharma companies to rethink their R&D model. Thanks to the arrival of digital technologies in hospitals and research centers, data sources are multiplying, thus allowing AI to make its mark in the field of drug discovery.

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5 raisons qui prouvent que nous sommes dans une ère post-antibiotique

5 indications we are living in a post-antibiotic world

19 March 2020 | Alcim's articles

What does it mean to live in a post-antibiotic era? In the 1944, antibiotics began to be mass produced creating a world in which people no longer routinely died of bacterial infection. In a post-antibiotic era, we no longer live with that guarantee. This hardly means we should throw our hands up in defeat! Stakeholders from across human health from food to pharma will be required to help navigate this global threat. Alcimed outlines the key hallmarks of this new era to create perspective on the scope of the problem.

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