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Hydrogen for steel production: myth or reality?

8 April 2019 | Press releases

The energetic properties of the hydrogen molecule are mainly known in the automotive industry for their use in fuel cells. But a much less widespread and equally promising application is the use of hydrogen in industrial processes, particularly in the steel industry, as a substitute for natural gas or other carbon fuels. Alcimed, a consulting […]

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Hydrogen, vector of energy transition

7 May 2018 | Press releases

Hydrogen, applied for the first time in the field of aerospace, particularly in the Apollo Program, is now invading our daily lives. The many initiatives around this promising energy vector and the creation of the International Hydrogen Council in 2017 (around the French groups Air Liquide, Alstom, Engie and Total) are clear signs that the […]

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Hydrogen mobility: towards the need for charging infrastructures

13 April 2017 | Press releases

Paris, April 13, 2017 – As cities pursue a zero emissions goal and users’ interest in cleaner and quieter engines increases, so does the demand for fully electric vehicles. However, one of the major obstacles to their expansion remains the range of at most 300 km, and the relatively long charging time (several hours). To […]

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