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Intraoperative detection of tumors cancer cells oncology

Intraoperative detection of tumors: the next big thing in oncology?

3 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

Intraoperative detection of cancer cells is a new and innovative form of interventional oncology. It has been applied in diagnosis, treatment or symptom easement and brings along minimal invasive procedures and precision medicine approaches in need of multiple biopsies. The next step of advancement comes with intraoperative detection of cancer cells. In this article we will walk you through some reasons why this approach is so innovative and will describe some interesting players engaged in the field.

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ASCO 2020 9 highlights of therapeutic strategies in oncology.jpg

ASCO 2020: 9 key highlights to remember from the newest therapeutic strategies in oncology

29 June 2020 | Alcim's articles

At the end of May, specialists from the field of oncology from all over the world shared their newest findings at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting. While this time in a virtual setting, high quality research was presented. Especially the topic of personalized medicine around immunotherapies and targeted drugs have been a hot subject during the ASCO 2020 meeting and have been presented during the plenary sessions.

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CAR T cell therapy future of oncology. Les thérapies à base de cellules CAR T et le futur de l'oncologie

4 key facts steering the future direction of CAR T-Cell therapies

19 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

CAR T-cell therapies gain more and more attention as being innovative immunotherapy options for cancer patients. Although being researched for years, the approval reach of new treatments is yet limited to certain types of blood cancer. Challenges linked to the therapy are still strong. At Alcimed, we looked at 4 key aspects that will guide you towards the future direction of development in this great field.

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Tumor agnostic treatments pricing- traitements contre les tumeurs agnostiques tarification

Vitrakvi & tumor agnostic treatments: current pricing discussion and outlook

1 April 2020 | Alcim's articles

Tumor agnostic treatments are a very new development in the exciting field of personalized medicine. These drugs can be applied to tumors of any type targeting specific genomic anomalies or molecular differences to healthy tissue. We focus on Bayer’s Vitrakvi, as it might become a precedent for similar treatments in clinical development with regards to approval and reimbursement decisions.

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Accès aux tests innovants en oncologie : le chemin critique vers les thérapies ciblées

Access to innovative tests in oncology in France: the critical path towards targeted therapies

4 March 2020 | Alcim's articles

The development of targeted therapies offers a new hope for cancer patients. Biomarkers analyses necessary to access each targeted therapy must be accessible in order to identify eligible patients. Alcimed investigated how the use of innovative tests in oncology is currently organized in France and how pharma players can contribute in facilitating the screening of patients who could benefit from their treatments.

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Photobiomodulation therapy: the power of light

12 September 2019 | Alcim's articles

Photobiomodulation could reduce some of the side effects of cancer treatments such as mucositis and dermatitis. Doctors have high hopes for this new therapy, although they are waiting for a proof of efficacy and tolerance. Moreover, photobiomodulation has a large potential, as this procedure is not limited to oncology. Photobiomodulation, a new therapy to treat […]

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Maturation of Liquid Biopsy as a tool to optimize cancer treatment

1 August 2019 | Alcim's articles

Alcimed, an innovation & new business consulting firm, has explored the trends in the liquid biopsy field and discusses some of the challenges as players move from the Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) market toward further validation in oncology. Liquid biopsy’s first application was in non-invasive prenatal testing with an explosive market penetration. Liquid biopsy has […]

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Interventional oncology, a new weapon against cancer

30 July 2019 | Alcim's articles

As part of the demand for more personalized and less aggressive treatments, interventional oncology represents a major field of innovation for cancer treatment. While it makes it possible both to optimize the diagnosis and to expand the therapeutic arsenal, it faces obstacles in terms of funding and accessibility.  To mark the opening of a high-tech […]

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