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The explorers of Alcimed's Energy & Environment team guide every day players involved in renewable energies, oil & gas, alternative fuels, power, water, waste, energy efficiency, energy management, industrial gases, tertiary and nuclear industries in the exploration and development of their uncharted territories. The uncharted territories of our clients can be grouped into 5 categories: new technologies (virtual/augmented reality, IIOT, smart networks, V2G, drones, robotics, air quality, CCUS technologies, e-waste recycling technologies,...), new offers (as a service, predictive/preventive maintenance, digitalization, circular economy,,...), new geographies (exploring the BRICs, Middle-East, Africa, NIZ,…), possible futures (anticipating issues related to the energy mix, cybersecurity, biofuels, hydrogen,…) and new ways to innovate (animate communities, workshops, improve innovation processes,...). Let's explore them together!

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