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The explorers of Alcimed's Mobility team guide every day key players in the public transport, railway, and automotive sectors in the exploration and development of their uncharted territories. The uncharted territories of our clients can be grouped into 5 categories: new technologies (new mobilities, connected devices, shared or air mobility, autonomous modules, electrification and storage, V2G, new materials and vehicle lightening, emissions reduction technologies,…), new offers (mobility as a service, new associated business models,...), new geographies (explore the BRICs, Middle East, Africa,...), possible futures (analyze the impact of alternative fuels, hydrogen, biofuels, anticipate the structural changes related to intramodality and interfaces with the Smart City, imagine the cockpit or mobility infrastructures of the future, anticipate issues related to cybersecurity,...) and new ways to innovate (animate communities, workshops, improve innovation processes, ...). Let's explore together!

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