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Alcimed's Innovation and Public Policy (IPP) teams provide day-to-day support to public authorities and public utility players innovating for the benefit of companies and users with an overarching objective to create value. We support with agility European, national and territorial institutional players in two leading areas:

  • A first scope focused on exploring sectors and clusters, implementing new approaches to innovation, the economic development of territories and their ecosystems, and the setting-up of large-scale public-private projects. We build upon our industrial and scientific DNA to: define strategies particularly regarding valorization and monetization projects, structuring roadmaps, carrying out studies, experiments, trend studies, inspirational benchmarks...
  • A second scope dedicated to innovation in healthcare pathways. We have developed a specific know-how in supporting innovative projects focused on autonomy, inclusion/integration but also prevention - notably via the Article 51 - with the Ministry of Health, health insurers, Regional Health Agencies, health and medico-social managers and institutions, patient associations or centers of expertise.

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