Welcome to Alci’Land!

Alci'Land is opening its doors on Tuesday 22nd for 1 week, until the 31st!


What is Alci'Land 🤡🤡🤡?

This is a global Alcimed event, where you will be part of one of the 27 teams competing agains others. During 7 games, always at 1pm, you will have to take up the challenges that the BDMs have imagined for you to make your team win points. At the end, there will be 3 winners with great rewards :).

Ready to discover Alci'Land?





Tuesday, March 22nd @1pm - ALCI'LAUNCH - Will you find the keys to open the strongbox?

Wednesday, March 23rd @1pm- ALCI'TASTY - Are you crazy enough to eat as fast as you can?

Thursday, March 24th @1pm  - MELO'COASTER - Do you know anything about music?

Monday, March 28th @1pm - ALCI'STREET - What kind of journalist are you?

Tuesday, March 29th @1pm - ALCI'GOOSE - How well do you know Alcimed?

Wednesday, March 30th @1pm - ALCI'MOUNTAIN - Are you a weekend warrior or a marathon runner?

Thursday, March 31st @TBD - ALCI'PARAD- Are you really a creative and fun team?



Prizes for the 3 best teams

Prize 1st team: 2 tickets for the amusement park of your choice for each member of the team

Prize 2nd team: 2 tickets for a one-man show/comedy for each member of the team

Prize 3rd team: 1 group activity for the team (escape game, fury room,...)


Have fun😄! Your BDM team.

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