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Develop new research and diagnosis solutions to address resistant infections

Alcimed Healthcare’s team is exploring the global health crisis of antibiotic resistance, as part of the efforts to address antimicrobial resistance, helping their clients create new treatment and diagnostic approaches, understand public health challenges and penetrate different geographies.

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    The challenges related to antibiotic resistance

    Antibiotic resistance is considered a global health crisis, with some stakeholders referring to it as the next pandemic. With 1.27 million deaths worldwide in 2019, the death toll is rising and is estimated to cause up to 10 million deaths per year by 2050.

    This antibiotic resistance leads to the inability to treat and control the disease caused by an infection. The impact on human health is directly related to antibiotics use, but also indirectly related to the consumption of antibiotics used for health and growth in agriculture and livestock.

    Low- and middle-income countries are particularly affected by resistant bacteria, which are considered a top priority from a medical perspective.

    Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies, as well as public organizations and alliances, must be united and work together to control this global public health threat. But these companies and organizations face many challenges, such as low profitability of antibiotics, stewardship, and market access difficulties.

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      How we support you in your projects related to antibiotic resistance 

      For over 25 years, Alcimed has accompanied its clients in multiple explorations in healthcare, notably related to antibiotic resistance and new antibiotic approaches. We have conducted 50+ projects in the context of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

      The players we have helped with our explorations include:

      • Pharmaceutical companies to position their existing products in new infectious diseases, or to investigate new opportunities with products in development
      • Non-profit and private organizations to better understand the market of antibiotics for different indications and geographic areas
      • The importance of antibiotic resistance around the world has allowed our team to explore its impact globally, while investigating the key differentiating elements in each country or region. Thanks to our wide range of clients, as well as our exploration of various geographical fields and project types, we have gained a comprehensive and global understanding of the issues surrounding antibiotic resistance.

      Our projects include, amongst others, exploration of products and new technologies, assessment of the state of the art of products, specific market studies, business case development, mapping of programs and ecosystems, market access strategies, deciphering care pathways or agricultural practices in any geography.

      For more information on the key challenges related to antibiotic resistance and how innovation can help address this global health crisis, check out our position paper on antibiotic resistance!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in antibiotic resistance

      • Assessment of the risk of insufficient supply of an antibiotic for the treatment of neonatal sepsis

        We worked for a leading healthcare player facing the challenge to repurpose an existing antibiotic for neonatal sepsis to address antibiotic resistance.

        Alcimed evaluated the demand for this antibiotic for neonatal sepsis due to bacterial infections, by analyzing the updated epidemiology across several geographies.

        Our team then assessed the current supply capabilities of the antibiotic in the in-scope geographical areas to ultimately evaluate the risk of insufficient supply. Our project helped our client to understand the local constraints and better prepare for the operational challenges of their drug repurposing.

      • Benchmarking of the engagement level of pharmaceutical companies regarding antibiotic resistance

        Alcimed supported an international healthcare stakeholder to assess the current global efforts of pharmaceutical companies to contrast antibiotic resistance.

        Alcimed performed a benchmarking exercise to evaluate what strategies are put into place by companies with respect to market access, education, logistics and environmental practices, and other aspects.

        The project allowed to assess the receptivity of pharmaceutical companies with respect to antibiotic resistance and what kinds of collaborations may be developed in order to address this global health crisis.

      • Forecasting bacteriophages in 5 different indications for a leading healthcare player

        Alcimed assisted a pharmaceutical company in estimating the market potential of a bacteriophage (a biological entity with antibiotic activity) for five different indications in several geographical areas.

        Our team estimated the potential revenues of the bacteriophage taking into account the price and the duration of the treatments, based on different scenarios of market share projections, according to the analyzed competitive offer.

      • Exploration of unmet clinical needs in emerging countries to address antibiotic resistance

        Alcimed conducted an exploratory project for an organization to better understand the burden, current practices and unmet needs of hospitals in emerging countries to address the spread of bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance.

        In this project, our team first identified key barriers and unmet clinical needs by geographical area prior to co-building with our client adapted and prioritized solutions for each identified unmet need.

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