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The Alcimed team supports its clients in exploring opportunities and strategies related to synthetic biology across different research areas and applications in medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental science.

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    The challenges related to synthetic biology

    Synthetic biology and genome editing are a strongly growing field with many potential applications. While already in use to address some challenges in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and environmental science, the list of opportunities to address is not exhausted yet. Still, researchers and companies face several technical, ethical as well as business-related challenges:

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      How we support you in your projects related to synthetic biology

      Drawing on 30 years of experience working with clients in and around the healthcare and industrial sectors, our team is well prepared to help healthcare, agrifood and environment industrials players to better understand synthetic biology and its developmental potential, boundaries, regulatory restrictions, and necessities to implement synthetic biology strategies.

      We mainly work on this topic with R&D departments of companies, as well as marketing or partnership functions. The wide variety of our clients from around the world, and the types of projects we cover give us a global and in-depth understanding in the ever-growing field of synthetic biology and DNA editing.

      Our projects cover technology landscaping, understanding future impact on healthcare and industrial businesses, the development of R&D strategy and business plans, research on the market or regulatory framework, search for partners, and many more.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in synthetic biology

      • Development of a business model and business plan for a synthetic biology R&D platform

        We supported one of our clients in refining and finalizing their business model and business plan on a biotechnology R&D service infrastructure providing expertise in several synthetic biology technologies.

        In a first step we challenged our client’s scenarios about competitive positioning and application markets to focus on. We then identified potential customers and funding options and defined the potential revenue of the platform, nourished by field insights.

        In the end, a first version of the business model and business plan was co-constructed and further refined to address both academic and industrial actors.

      • Receptivity study of a synthetic biology technology for microorganism development in the healthcare, cosmetics, food, and feed sectors

        We supported our client, a company in the biotechnology industry specialized in gene engineering on micro-organisms, in better understanding the potential for microorganism development in the healthcare, cosmetics, food, and feed sectors.

        Our team help our client in defining and prioritizing its market by performing interviews with key opinion leaders and representatives of industrial players located in the sectors of interest.

        The key expected features were derived in a consistent value proposition, and subsequently a refined business model on the sector with the highest interest was developed.

      • Analysis of biotechnological evolutions and synthetic biology perspectives in Asia

        We helped our client, a major player in cosmetics industry, prepare for a scientific advisory board with country experts to decide on the company’s future directions in white biotechnology.

        We provided our client with a transversal vision on the sector of biotechnology, white biotechnology, and the focus area of ingredients interesting for our client, for them to better understand the current ecosystem. Synthetic biology and DNA editing were an important part of the ecosystem in scope, and we helped our client understand the current landscape within synthetic biology and other segments through our work.

        Our joint preparation for the scientific advisory board prepared the scene for a complex and interesting discussion on white as well as synthetic biotechnology.

      • Assessment of the technical  readiness of synthetic biology to produce recombinant proteins in microalgae

        Alcimed worked with a major animal health company to assess the business and technical landscape for using synthetic biology to produce recombinant proteins in microalgae with applications in animal health.

        We performed a global search for companies who are genetically modifying microalgae to produce recombinant proteins. Through interviews with  these companies as well as independent microalgae researchers we developed an understanding of the current state of the technology and market.

        This research helped our client  have a clear view on the technical readiness of synthetic biology applied to microalgae, and to rank the potential applications to animal health, in terms of proteins to produce and species to target, given their respective time-to-market.

      • Landscaping in vivo incorporation of non-canonical amino acids in irecombinant proteins for a global pharmaceutical player

        Alcimed conducted a global search for companies, technologies, patents, and research groups who have advanced the ability to incorporate non-canonical amino acids into expressed recombinant proteins for a global pharmaceutical player.

        We used a combination of interviews, literature research, and database mining to create an overview of companies with the ability to express recombinant proteins that contain non-canonical amino acids.

        This research aided our client by revealing early stage technologies that are ripe for investment, identifying potential partners for the bioproduction of proteins with non-canonical amino acids, and by discovering new companies in this space previously unknown to our client.

      • Understanding of white biotechnology in Europe for an industrial launching an innovation hub on sustainable materials

        White biotechnology uses microorganisms, often engineered via synthetic biology, to industrially produce chemicals and materials. We accompanied an industrial launching an innovation hub on sustainable materials understand the number and economic sectors of white biotechnology start-ups in Europe.

        We also investigated the demand for white biotechnology products as well as trends in the technological applications for white biotechnology in Europe.

        Through our results, we helped our client understand that the bioproduction infrastructure necessary for companies to develop white biotechnology, even at the pilot and demonstration stage, is still insufficient in Europe, and what his hub could provide to fill some of the gaps.

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