Position Paper Alcimed – Antibiotic resistance: fostering innovation to solve an inevitable problem

Published on 30 January 2023 Read 25 min

Due to the excessive and sometimes inappropriate use of antibiotics, the bacteria they are supposed to fight develop defense mechanisms to escape their actions, making them less effective in treating bacterial infections. It is because of this growing phenomenon that antibiotic resistance has become a global public health crisis.

Antibiotic resistance, an unavoidable problem to be addressed quickly

Many experts consider that antibiotic resistance will become the next pandemic by 2050, which could cause 10 million deaths per year.

The impact of this health crisis is multisectoral. It affects human health, animal health and agriculture. All stakeholders involved in the development of antibiotics or their use, whether they are governmental, pharmaceutical or in MedTech, are therefore concerned and can activate several levers to face it.

Among these levers, it is certain that innovation will play a key role in curbing the phenomenon. This will include the development of new treatments, antibiotics or alternatives and new methods to fight infections caused by bacteria resistant to current antibiotics.

In order to shed light on the key actions to address this major issue, Alcimed’s Healthcare team has investigated the subject.

In this position paper you will explore :

  • The current and future objectives to fight against this crisis
  • The advances in innovation and R&D to create new antibiotics
  • New ways to promote the proper use of antibiotics, including its access
  • Our vision for the future of antibiotic resistance

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