Our job offers

Today, Alcimed has 220 explorers across all our base camps. And since our journey is accelerating, we are searching for tomorrow’s Alcims! Our dream is to build a team of 1000 explorers, so that together with our customers, we can have a greater impact on tomorrow’s world.


Our jobs and career paths

At Alcimed, there are four main roles: Consultant, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, and Business Unit Director.


Consultants have a role of passion: passion for a sector, passion for science, passion for innovation and passion for businesses to be developed!

In the same essence, this role allows you to regularly dive into new subjects, to become THE expert in a subject, and to get to know and interact with high-level stakeholders all over the world.

Business Development Manager

As a BDM, you are responsible for the development of one of Alcimed’s sectors of activity in a given geographic area. You develop and manage a client portfolio and meet daily with decision makers in a sector (innovation, R&D, marketing, CSR, business unit directors) or with general managers, to convince them to explore a new territory with us!

Project Manager

As a true right-hand man to our clients, you support them in exploring and developing their uncharted territories. On a daily basis, you manage the completion of our missions, recruit and manage your team of consultants, and develop our business activities with your clients.

Business Unit Director

 The BUD’s are Alcimed’s pilots. The role of the BUD is that of a company head, who has the full responsibility of the team and their results. Being a BUD also means meeting the challenge of developing our activities with our clients and exemplifying Alcimed’s values.