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Identify growth-generating areas in your sectors of interest

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies and institutions in carrying out sector analysis to develop and structure local ecosystems of excellence.

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    How we support you in your sector analysis

    We accompany our clients in this economic analysis by sector by characterizing the stakeholders and their needs, the environment, the actions carried out and the mechanisms generating these actions within the sector. Based on this analysis, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the system and identify economic development opportunities and synergies between possible actors for our clients.

    Examples of recent sector analyses carried out for our clients

    • Strategic study on the subcontracting of drugs and active ingredients

      We conducted a strategic cluster study on the subcontracting of drugs and active ingredients for an interministerial grouping in several regions in France.

      Our client wanted to define a roadmap for the development of the sector and to identify optimization levers with the players involved in the field.

      Through an economic inventory and the challenges faced by French companies in the region as well as their ideas for development, our team made 10 major recommendations in order to support the competitiveness of the sector, strengthen its structure and unleash innovation.

    • Sector analysis of the wood cluster in France

      We have carried out a cluster study with representative organizations and wood industry players in France, focusing on several strategic issues: consolidating economic data (business fabric, added value, indirect employment, etc.) to support the strategic orientations of companies and public authorities, helping to create links and cooperation within the sector, and more generally preparing it to better respond to the challenges of tomorrow, particularly in terms of increasing skills or mobilizing forest resources.

      Our investigation and analysis enabled our clients to obtain an overview of the current cluster and to prepare the future with a co-defined and shared evolution plan.

    • Creating a cluster for the recycling of composite materials

      Alcimed supported an economic development and innovation agency in its reflection for the construction of composite materials recycling cluster in a French region, with the aim of federating the players of the local ecosystem, across the whole value chain, from the production of the materials, to their recycling and their second life.

      The objective of our cluster study project was to define the roadmap for the structuring and development of the cluster, by identifying the composite materials of interest for the region, the initiatives already carried out on a local and national scale, as well as existing technologies and skills on an international level.

      In addition to an in-depth bibliographical work, we compared the points of view of various local players and experts to develop a complete vision of the ecosystem in the region.

      In fine, our analysis brought us to define with our client guidelines on the classes of composite materials presenting a development opportunity for the region and to co-construct a roadmap for the creation of the cluster.

    • Sector analysis of the analytical laboratory sector for an inter-professional committee

      We carried out a cluster study for an inter-professional committee with two objectives: 1) to finely characterize the analytical laboratory market (value chain, market size, typology of players, needs of players, etc.) to guide commercial decisions, and 2) to decipher the major trends at work on the market (digitalization, emergence of new services and business models, regulatory requirements, evolution of care pathways and related sectors, etc.).

      Our study enabled our clients to prepare the future of the sector in an increasingly uncertain context by establishing, following our study and with our team, a strategic roadmap for the evolution of the cluster.

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