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Evaluate the potential value of a company and identify its risk areas

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in their strategic due diligence to evaluate the value potential of a target company and its current and future risk areas in order to validate or correct an investment offer.

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    The key success factors of strategic due diligence

    Acquiring or selling a company is a strategic decision. Carrying out a strategic due diligence report enables us to confirm or deny the relevance of the planned investment. This exercise requires special methodological expertise and precise knowledge of the target market. Several key factors need to be considered if strategic due diligence is to be a success:

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      How we support you to achieve a strategic due diligence

      We assist our clients in the examination of files for the acquisition or sale of companies. For our venture capital and industrial clients, we carry out strategic due diligence of their target, or strategic acquisition audits, in order to validate their business plan. The objective of a due diligence is to get a true and global radiography of the target: market context, current competition or new entrants, relevance of their strategic positioning, potential of their product launches, appropriateness of their commercial strategy and market approach, growth levers, etc. to confirm the key assumptions that support the levels of sales forecasts and validate the absence of “red flags”.

      In the opposite direction, we also perform vendor due diligence, which aims to present a company to future investors or buyers with the same rigor of analysis of its business plan.

      Examples of recent strategic due diligences carried out for our clients

      • Strategic due diligence for a start-up in the field of digital health

        We helped a leading pharmaceutical company to evaluate the potential of a start-up company that had developed a new offering based on a connected bracelet for fertility measurement.

        To do so, we performed a strategic due diligence of the targeted start-up, analyzing in particular the user experience and the medical interest perceived by gynecologists for their product.

        Our project validated our client’s interest in investing in the start-up and highlighted improvements in the marketing and commercialization of the device.

      • Strategic due diligence in the field of biopharmaceutical production

        We assisted an investment fund in carrying out a strategic audit of a producer of stainless steel tanks in the biopharmaceutical and food-processing markets.

        We assessed the manufacturer’s perception of its customers in both markets, and challenged the coherence between the offer and the market’s needs and expectations.

        The evaluation of the development prospects in both sectors allowed us to confirm the interest of investing in this producer and to have visibility on the development potential in the next 5 years.

      • Creation of a new due diligence process for a vaccine player

        We supported a leading vaccine player in redesigning its current due diligence process to address several identified limitations: the absence of a common standard procedure for all, the lack of skills of some members involved and the lack of training program in place, the insufficient exhaustiveness in some parts of the risk analysis, or the lack of real-time sharing of progress on each business development project. In order to overcome these limitations, and to formalize a new set of standard procedures, our team has implemented a 4 key steps approach:

        1. A critical analysis of current practices
        2. A benchmark of the practices of other industrial players and investment funds
        3. The organization of a workshop to co-build the new process with the ‘due diligence’ team
        4. The development and sharing of key tools to be used in the process.

        In the end, our project allowed our client to define a new standard for its strategic due diligence exercises, with a trained and motivated team!

      • Vendor Due Diligence of a company specialized in medical devices for dependent elderly people

        Our team assisted a company specializing in medical devices for the elderly in the preparation of a Vendor Due Diligence report with a view to a potential sale of its activities.

        In order to present this investment opportunity to potential investors, Alcimed carried out a complete strategic audit: analysis of the potential market and of the market potential, customer segmentation, identification of market drivers and barriers, competitor analysis, regulatory analysis, critical opinion on the company’s 5-year business plan.

        Our report summarized the opportunities and risks related to this investment, with neutrality, to inform the decision making of potential buyers.

      • Construction and execution of the roadmap for the acquisition of an ingredient supplier in the cosmetics sector

        Our client, a global player in ingredients, already had a significant position in the cosmetics sector, and was looking to strengthen its position by offering complementary ingredients and developing new specific know-how.

        We therefore built a pipeline and a selection of actionable targets in the short term that met our client’s specific criteria. To do this, we conducted an initial screening of potential targets using multiple sources and intelligent algorithms. We then investigated the priority targets in greater depth using our client’s secondary criteria to prioritize the best targets.

        Our work enabled our client to identify the most relevant acquisition targets and to create a roadmap for the best way forward in building its future dedicated platform.

      • Strategic due diligence of a healthcare distributor for an investment fund

        Our client, an investment fund focused on Africa, was considering whether to acquire a company specializing in the import and distribution of healthcare products in Africa.

        To help them confirm their investment, we analyzed the target’s main market segments, studied its positioning and competitive environment, and finally challenged the opportunity for the target to launch a drug manufacturing business.

        Thanks to an extensive literature review and numerous interviews with stakeholders in half a dozen African countries, we enabled our client to confirm the relevance of this acquisition and to clarify the company’s key development issues.

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