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Optimize your clinical trials thanks to innovative digital technologies

The Alcimed’s healthcare team has been exploring opportunities to improve clinical trials for many years and supports clients in their innovative projects related to clinical research digitalization, from preliminary research phases to real-world observations.

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    The challenges related to digital clinical trials

    Clinical trials are a critical step for treatments and their commercialization, but they represent a main challenge for the various players involved:

    • Patients in accessing monitoring sites
    • Health professionals in participants follow-up, in a highly controlled context and considering logistical constraints in decentralized regions
    • Healthcare authorities in controlling the quality of collected information and its projection in a real-world application
    • Industry professionals in terms of resources, especially cost and time, related to recruiting of participants to sites.

    Generally, therapeutic trials have an environmental impact, particularly related to participant travel and the transportation of drugs and medical devices.

    The COVID-19 pandemic equally acted as an accelerator in the digitization of healthcare and brough a significant shift in the conduct of a clinical trial in recent years, which will likely intensify in the future.

    However, industries still face numerous challenges in the digital transformation of their clinical studies, including:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to digital clinical trials

      For more than 30 years, Alcimed has supported its clients in a large variety of subjects linked to digitalization, and notably applied to clinical studies. Indeed, we have carried out numerous projects in this domain for international pharmaceutical players.

      Our team has also acquired expertise in data science over the years, and our data scientists actively participate in our clients projects, especially those related to the usage and exploitation of collected information, such as in the preparation of digital clinical research or when handling complex datasets in our client mission.

      The diversity of our clients, their challenges, and the types of projects that we carry out gives us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed in research and development, and particularly those linked to conducting a clinical study.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in digital clinical trials

      • Analyzing the environmental impact of transitioning from a traditional clinical development model to a fully digital model

        Alcimed helped a leading pharmaceutical player in analyzing the environmental impact linked to their transition initiative towards digital therapeutic trials.

        Our help involved defining a model of comparison between different modes of clinical studies, both traditional and digital, by conducting a life cycle analysis focused on different groups of activities: travel and transportation, waste disposal, data production and storage. This model shed light on differences in climate impact, as well as their effects on human health, resource consumption (fossil energy, mineral raw materials, water), and biodiversity.

        This project allowed our client to find and put in place improvement strategies to reduce the environmental impact of digital clinical trials worldwide.

      • Supporting a pharmaceutical player in digitizing their clinical trials via innovative solutions

        One of our clients, a pharmaceutical industry leader, wanted to find and prioritize solutions to integrate in the digital transformation of their R&D.

        During this project, we identified and characterized several dozen processes based on various criteria such as objectives, therapeutic areas, indications, certification, maturity, and more. After this initial mapping, a selection of particularly interesting solutions was made with our client, with the objective of deepening our understanding of these processes.

        In the end, we recommended six devices to our client that were aligned with their objectives and treatment areas, allowing them to initiate pilot studies to kickstart the digital transformation of their clinical trials.

      • Analyzing the opportunity to integrate digital technologies into Real-World Evidence (RWE) activities of a pharmaceutical laboratory

        In the context of creating a roadmap for their RWE activities, a leading pharmaceutical client contacted us in order to map and understand the sources and types of digital information that could be generated.

        From analyzing the trends to conducting a case study of similar companies or similar cases from the past, we supported our client in defining a roadmap for the digitization of their RWE activities, and by measuring the key implications linked to this transformation.

      • Benchmarking and analyzing the digital footprint of 10 pharmaceutical laboratories

        One of our clients, a major healthcare player, wanted to understand and compare the digital strategies of the top 10 industrial pharmaceutical companies in order to reevaluate part of their R&D activities. In this context, we analyzed more than 300 initiatives from pharmaceutical laboratories, focusing on the digitization of therapeutic trials.

        During this investigation, we identified potential levers for digitizing our client’s strategy and differentiating the pharmaceutical industry leaders based on the magnitude of their initiative and the cultural shift generated by this transformation.

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