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For over 25 years, Alcimed has explored biotherapeutics, from cell therapies and gene therapies to immunotherapies and other innovative advanced biotherapeutics. We support our clients across all areas of development and marketing, as well as in bioproduction and patient pathway issues.

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    The challenges related to advanced and innovative biotherapeutics

    Since biologics first appeared, their rise on the market of biotherapeutics has been impressive and is expected to continue. They should ultimately represent more than half of the drugs used in volume and nearly 80% of the value of this market.

    Indeed, biotherapeutics have offered a new way to treat diseases that were previously untreated, in oncology, rheumatology, diabetology, and in inflammatory diseases to name only the most emblematic, as well as in infectious diseases, blood diseases, and other disorders.

    However, major challenges remain in their development and production, resulting in high prices and extensive discussions with healthcare system regulators.

    This therapeutic category presents a wide range of challenges:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to advanced and innovative biotherapeutics 

      Since its creation, Alcimed has supported its clients on many issues related to biotherapeutics, from innovation to appropriate use on the market. Indeed, we have carried out over 500 projects for various clients in this field on all types of molecules with different challenges: R&D, marketing, opportunity study, market access, or even life-cycle management, for example.

      The diversity of our clients (pharmaceutical companies, biopharmas, biotechs, research institutes, university hospital centers, etc.), the geographic areas we explore, and the types of projects we develop, give us a global and comprehensive insight into issues related to biotherapeutics.

      Our projects cover areas as diverse as new technologies, prioritization of the R&D portfolio, search for partners or acquisition targets, preparation for the launch of new biologics, understanding of disease management and patient care pathways, assessment of market opportunities, market access, pricing and reimbursement model, regulatory developments, building roadmaps, and many more!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in advanced and innovative biotherapeutics

      • Preparation for the launch of a biotherapeutic product: support for a pharmaceutical leader in optimizing its prescriber engagement plan

        As part of the expected launch of a new biotherapeutic solution to fight psoriasis, Alcimed supported a leading client in the pharmaceutical industry to optimize its engagement plan for its prescribers.

        In this context, our team explored the challenges of the prescribers’ practice and patient management throughout their journey and assessed the level of receptivity of prescribers to this future solution.

        Alcimed’s recommendations made it possible to adjust the messages and target key prescribers for a successful launch.

      • Transition strategy for a pharmaceutical player moving from a leading biotherapeutic product in its market to the launch of a new offer

        Alcimed supported one of its clients to ensure the transition between two biotherapeutics: one already on the market in a leading position, the other in the process of being launched.

        Through a targeted bibliographic analysis, interactions with the various stakeholders, and the organization of a workshop, our team analyzed the respective receptivity of the two biotherapeutics among prescribers and the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s products, identified the specific expectations of prescribers, and assessed the impact of newcomers on our client’s two biotherapeutics.

        Inspired also by other examples of successful transition outside the market under consideration, we were able to define the major key steps of the transition to be carried out and order them over time so as to maintain our client’s leadership position.

      • Definition of the personalized medicine positioning of an immunotherapy player

        Alcimed supported one of its leading clients in immunotherapy to understand how to position itself in personalized medicine and what arguments to put forward to differentiate itself from the competition.

        Through bibliographic research and interviews with experts, our team investigated to understand the expectations of the different stakeholders of this specific care chain in terms of personalized medicine, and how our client could legitimize its place in this field from a scientific and medical point of view.

        This research made it possible to build a precise sales pitch for medical sales representatives and MSLs and to prepare the materials used during a webinar and a congress with the medical professionals.

      • Evaluation of the biotherapeutics market for human medicine and search for partners for a production platform

        Alcimed supported one of its clients, a global pharmaceutical leader, to characterize the biotherapeutics market by evaluating the top 30 molecules for human use in this market, in order to identify potential partners to develop and strengthen its production platform.

        Subsequently, our team compared the cost-benefit balance of the identified innovative technologies against conventional technologies and tested the receptivity of potential partners to enable our client to expand its production activities.

      • Evaluation of the potential of a new diagnostic tool as part of the development of biotherapies for a leader in diagnostics

        Alcimed supported one of the world’s leading in vitro diagnostic companies in the evaluation of a diagnostic technology to monitor the efficacy of new biotherapies and to detect unwanted immunosuppression.

        Through targeted literature searches, interactions with key experts involved in the development of new biotherapies and the organisation of a workshop, our team assessed the interest of pharmaceutical companies in the technology being developed and identified the specific expectations of the market, particularly in terms of applications and categories of biotherapies to be prioritised.

        Among other things, our work helped our client to prepare a response to a European call for projects.

      • Support for a cell therapy company in making the right strategic choices for positioning its therapy in the Parkinson's patient pathway

        Alcimed supported a cell therapy player in a project aimed at identifying and understanding the possible routes of access for its new therapy in Parkinson’s patients.

        By conducting investigations in 6 countries on 2 different continents, our team mapped the stages in the Parkinson’s patient pathway in order to identify the best route to the patient and tested the receptivity to this new therapy in each country of interest. Based on the available literature and feedback from opinion leaders on the subject, we constructed hypotheses to estimate the potential market for this new therapy by country.

        The work carried out by our team provided our client with the key elements needed to rationalise its development strategy and its future clinical trials.

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