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Enrich your offer by developing new innovative services

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in the development of their offers by creating new services that promote innovation and improve the customer experience beyond the product.

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    How we support you in your new services development

    Our team accompanies you from the ideation phase to the actual launch of your new services. For some of our clients, the first step of a new service creation project consists in imagining the field of possibilities: we can analyze the existing offer by benchmarking competitors’ services, gather representatives from other sectors to imagine your future range without barriers, interview patients or consumers about their needs and expectations, … Then, we help our clients in the service definition phases: which targets, which value proposition, which business model, etc.

    Then, we help our clients in the definition phases of the service: which targets, which value proposition, which business model, etc., while passing through test & learn phases on the market: definition of several scenarios, development of a commercial pitch, iterations with potential buyers and users, etc. Finally, our team can accompany you until the launch: roadmap for the deployment of the service, management of the sales of the first services, etc.

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      Laurent Javey

      Services & Network Development Director, France

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      Cyril SAVY

      Solution Lead Diabete Division

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      Hervé DUJARDIN

      Innovation & technology Director

    Examples of new services developed for our clients

    • Service innovation: new services development to secure the position of a blockbuster in pharmaceuticals

      One of our customers, a world pharmaceutical leader, wanted to secure the position of one of its blockbuster by setting up beyond-the-product services for healthcare professionals but also for patients.

      To build this new service offering, our team first explored the unmet needs and expectations of physicians and patients by interviewing them, then we analyzed the existing competitors’ services and the possible margin for differentiation, before selecting the most relevant services to develop, and then co-constructing with our client a roadmap for the development of these new services.

      Following this first major step, our client trusted us to support them in the operational development of several services until their implementation within the teams of a dozen subsidiaries.

    • Service offering: new services to improve patient pathway in rare diseases

      One of our clients, a leading pharmaceutical company, wanted to improve the care of patients suffering from a rare disease by developing a high value-added service offering that would improve their well-being or quality of life throughout their care pathway (from diagnosis to palliative care).

      To do this, our team interviewed patients, patient support workers and associations in each country involved to identify the levers for improving their well-being and quality of life that could be addressed by developing new services. Following this, our team pre-tested these service ideas with healthcare professionals, before organizing a workshop to co-construct a service development roadmap with our client’s medical and marketing teams.

      Ultimately, several services were deployed in the pilot countries and then extended to other countries in the zone, improving the daily lives of patients and positioning our client as a major player in public health.

    • Service offering: moving from a product-selling approach to an innovative solution-selling approach

      Helping a manufacturer of building materials to move from selling products to selling solutions/services, by integrating a training offer for craftsmen. In a context of transformation of the sector (arrival of a new generation of craftsmen, development of e-commerce, …), our client wanted to rethink its current sales approach to modernize it and ensure its growth.

      Through field research, benchmarking and analysis, our team was able to co-construct with our client a new service offering and a roadmap for the creation of these services.

      In the end, our client was able to reach the targeted end-users and maintain its growth in a declining market on the traditional product-centric offer.

    • New services: development of a service offering for hospitals for the launch of a new breast cancer treatment

      We assisted a leading pharmaceutical company in the creation of a service offering dedicated to a new product in preparation for launch. In order to differentiate from competitors treatments, our client wanted to propose a panel of services associated with its treatment to hospitals to provide an answer to unmet needs beyond the product.

      To develop this new service offering, our team first organized an ideation workshop with marketing leaders from other industries in order to imagine differentiating services, then we collected the needs and expectations of the hospitals and pre-tested the first service ideas, before defining more precisely several à la carte service packs and testing these different packs.

      In the end, we co-constructed and set up with our client 3 packs of product with à la carte services for hospitals to choose from, according to their context and their needs.

    • New pharma services: Real-World Evidence data collection solution

      We supported one of our clients, a leader in the healthcare sector, who wanted to explore the opportunity to diversify its activities through the integration and use of digital solutions for the generation and collection of real-life data (Real-World Evidence – RWE).

      For this project, our teams evaluated the different data capture technologies, their characteristics, advantages and limitations, as well as the existing approaches for their use in France in RWE. Following our analysis, we defined four approaches enabling our client to integrate and implement these new services of digital data solutions and we co-built an operational action plan for the realization of pilot projects.

      In the end, one of the pilots was successful and our client was able to launch a new differentiating offer.

    You have a project?

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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