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Conduct predictive modeling with the help of machine learning

Alcimed’s data science team supports you in building predictive models, by developing data mining or predictive analysis algorithms for internal or external data, with the help of models ranging from linear regression to neuronal networks.

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    The challenges related to predictive modeling

    Predictive models are tools to help make decisions regarding trends and future behaviors, to improve operational efficacy, to reduce costs, to minimize all types of risk, and more generally to stay competitive on a market.

    Numerous challenges must be considered to ensure the right quality of a predictive analysis. Amongst these are choosing an adequate algorithm, defining the right parameters and calibrations, and collecting sufficiently representative training data in high quantity.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to predictive modeling 

      For nearly 30 years, Alcimed has supported industry leader, institutional, SME, and innovative start-up in their projects of innovation and developing new markets.

      Skilled in the field and competencies of data science thanks to our dedicated team, we offer personalized support to the senior management and business unit managers (marketing, commercial affaires, operational excellence, etc.) in numerous activity sectors (healthcare, agri-food, energy and mobility, chemistry and materials, cosmetics, aerospace and defense, etc.), where we help you identify the business-specific challenges for which analytical predictions can provide a reliable and solid answer.

      Our data science team supports you in each step of your project, from identifying use cases to implementing a predictive model and reflecting on its implications. This includes selection of the right model, the parameters, mining and cleaning of both internal and external data, and the presentation of results in an ergonomic manner. You can count on our expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion with concrete outcomes!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in predictive modeling

      • Analytical prediction of the number of construction permits in the pipeline

        To support our client, a leading construction and public works player, in predicting its business volume, Alcimed developed a machine learning algorithm to predict, based on historical public data and before they are all officially referenced by the local authorities, the total number of building permits filed in the current month.

        This project enabled the client to anticipate its sales forecast and to adapt several of their activities in advance.

      • Predictive model for detecting weak signals in a body of messages

        Alcimed supported the French sector of an international pharmaceutical player in the definition, design, and implementation of data visualization tools for the data collected by its Medical Information Database, allowing the team to monitor the unusual and future concerns of healthcare professionals.

        Our team implemented LNP techniques and an advanced statistical analysis of queries, allowing the automatic detection of infrequently mentioned themes and words that had potential to become major future subjects.

        We also supported the deployment of this approach in the product team and in our client’s systems.

      • Predictive analysis of the potential launch of an oncology product

        Alcimed supported a major healthcare industry player in modeling a business case to evaluate the opportunity for launching a new oncology product in 6 key markets over the next 15 years.

        Our team collected epidemiology information and data on the usage rates of different health products that are available or under development to create a model of the evolution of the market size and the market shares in the concerned geographies.

        We could thereby predict the future performances of a new health product launch thanks to time series analysis techniques.

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