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Alcimed helps its customers in the dossier creation of financial applications for their innovation and research and development projects (H2020, Eurostars, Eurêka, FEDER, FSE, PIA, PSPC, France Relance, ANR, ADEME, Bpifrance, …).

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    How we support you in your dossier creation and application process

    Alcimed assists its clients in the setting up of R&D&I (Research-Development-Innovation) funding applications in response to local, national or European calls for projects. This is a crucial step essential to the launch of an innovation project. This is why it requires time and specific skills. Alcimed supports you in your response to calls for projects or expressions of interest.

    Examples of recent dossier creations carried out for our clients

    • Dossier creation: assistance in setting up an “university-hospital research” (RHU) project

      We have supported numerous award-winning “university-hospital research” (RHU) projects in various indications around the treatment of autoimmune diseases, rare genetic diseases, cancers and genetic sensory diseases.

      In the context of setting up a RHU project, we intervene upstream to challenge the positioning, the clinical question addressed and the scientific method developed, as well as to define the deliverables. Our team then assists you in the negotiation and framing phases of the partner consortium, drawing on our knowledge of industrial issues. Finally, we intervene in the dossier creation phase by acting as both facilitator and coordinator of the entire set-up of the RHU project with the entire consortium, and by taking charge of the key phases of the project: development strategy, medico-economic aspects, financial framework, etc.

      Finally, we provide a critical review at the end of the creation of the dossier.

    • Dossier creation: assistance in the assembly of a H2020 project

      Support during the setting up of the H2020 BoneRegTech project, on the dimensions ‘market research, setting up and coordination of the different partners (distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the project partners as well as setting up a drafting and validation process)’.

      Our team also carried out a critical rereading of the “scientific excellence” part of the file and more generally identified tracks of improvement based on our experience. We also contributed to the “management” part of the document and wrote the “impact” part, in collaboration with the project coordinator and the other members of the partnership.

      Alcimed then submitted the H2020 application on time and in the form expected by the European Commission, for a positive result in the end!

    • Search for funding and dossier creation: mapping of funding opportunities and document preparation for innovative start-ups

      Our team assisted the project leaders of an incubator in mapping the public and private innovation financing mechanisms available and in the preparation of financing applications.

      We first worked on the identification and characterization of public innovation financing windows in France and Europe: funder, eligibility criteria, associated amounts, and types of aid.

      Secondly, our team identified and characterized the private seed and fund-raising schemes associated with the development of innovation in France, ultimately enabling our client to select the appropriate funding channels for its various projects. Our team then assisted the project leaders in drafting their financing files.

    • Dossier creation: assistance in the preparation of a “Eurostars” financing application

      Our team has assisted project leaders in the preparation of a “Eurostars” funding application and the search for French and European industrial partners. Alcimed carried out a diagnosis of the current state of the project and then assisted the project leaders in identifying and structuring partnerships (establishing contacts and developing the consortium).

      Following this, we wrote the response file to the call for projects (AAP), in collaboration with the project leaders on the non-scientific parts, and proceeded to a global critical review, until the final file was sent. Our support allowed our client to structure its approach from A-to-Z and to guarantee an optimization of the content and form of its financial file.

    • Dossier creation: building a PO FEDER FSE application file for the deployment of a “Living Lab”

      We have supported two French regions in the construction of an application file for the ERDF ESF OP with a view to the deployment of a “Living Lab”. Our team identified and mobilized the key local actors and then organized working meetings in the form of workshops in order to design a “Living Lab,” meeting the expectations of the funding client and the holder of the AAP.

      This work allowed for the construction of the financial file and the implementation schedule. Alcimed proposed a legal structure (operator, evolution towards a SCIC) and built a viable and sustainable economic business model. This work allowed our client to define the governance of the future “Living Lab” and to raise the necessary funds for its creation.

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