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For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting private and public sector players in carrying out qualitative and quantitative market analyses on any type of product or service, whether established or new, and on numerous geographies.

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    The key success factors of a market analysis

    A market analysis is necessary to assess the market potential, or future sales, of a new product or service. It is one of the key elements of the business plan, and consequently of development financing. Conducting a market analysis requires an in-depth understanding of the product/service and its ecosystem, and a sound methodological framework. There are a number of key success factors for carrying out quality market analysis, three essential factors being:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your market analysis

      Alcimed carries out market studies for private, public or para-public actors, on any type of product or service, whether established or new, and on many geographies. We carry out exploration work for our clients aimed at analyzing, measuring and understanding the real functioning of a market, estimating its size and dynamics.

      We thus investigate all available data and decipher market trends, in order to enable you to best position your company, products or services. An in-depth market study or a flash market study, a study of a pilot market or geographical clusters, barometer (periodic monitoring of key indicators of a market) or long-term market observation, we adapt our methods according to your stakes and needs.

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      Examples of recent market analyses carried out for our clients

      • Market study: access strategy for the syringe market in China

        We helped a leading pharmaceutical company to evaluate the potential of a start-up company that had developed a new offering based on a connected bracelet for fertility measurement.

        To do so, we performed a due diligence of the targeted start-up, analyzing in particular the user experience and the medical interest perceived by gynecologists for their product.

        Our project validated our client’s interest in investing in the start-up and highlighted improvements in the marketing and commercialization of the device.

      • Market analysis: market study at different geographical scales for an inter-professional committee

        Support of an interprofessional committee in the characterization of the market of its members.

        We have conducted several market studies aimed at characterizing all the markets targeted by the interprofessional members: mapping of clients, snapshot of their current issues and needs, analysis of key trends in these markets and prospective outlook. We have also carried out studies on a large scale (international comparison) and on a local scale, i.e. focused on French regions (Rhône-Alpes, Limousin, PACA, Grand Est…).

        These studies have enabled our client and its members to adapt to the dynamic markets discovered and to be inspired to innovate in their practices.

      • Qualitative market study: establishment of a valorization strategy for a research institute

        Support of a public research institute on the definition of its valorization strategy. After having segmented our client’s activity into 36 areas of activity, Alcimed selected 14 strategic areas with high potential for economic valorization.

        Following this work, we carried out 14 market studies (context elements, positioning on the value chain, identification of major principals and competing public institutes, ID cards of major competitors, market drivers and locks, maturity, SWOT analysis) in order to define a strategic framework for defining the institute’s economic valorization strategy: main partners and projects, typology of partners, key valorization information, major potential customers, target countries/areas, key offers to be put forward, key success factors and valorization pathways.

      • Market and receptivity analysis: launch of a solution on the 'Single-Pilot Aircrafts' market

        For a client in the aeronautics industry, we conducted a market and receptivity study on the ‘Single-Pilot Aircrafts’ market with a view to using a new technology for aircraft command & control.

        The objective of the study was to identify the most relevant use cases and to define the market viability of this technology. At the end of the project, we identified the two most promising segments and some partners who were motivated to work with our client on the deployment of its solution.

      • Market study : conducting a prospective study and a “win-game” exercise on the evolution of competition

        Our team conducted a comprehensive market study to support a client in the healthcare sector in the preparation and facilitation of a prospective exercise regarding competition evolution by teams around the world. Our client was in a particularly competitive market environment and wished to project with its teams the evolution of their competitors in order to work now on action plans of differentiation and gain or maintain market share.

        To do so, our team first analyzed the portfolios of the major competitors and their dynamics, then analyzed the other players in the ecosystem, who could either develop specific solutions or technological bricks, or hold strong positions on a niche sub-segment of the market. We then analyzed potential new entrants, based on market trends.

        With this market study, our team co-defined prospective scenarios with our client, in preparation for the facilitation of a global workshop in a “win-game” format, enabling the teams to be involved in identifying the strongest threats and defining actions to be implemented now to prepare for them proactively.


      • Market research and competitive analysis to prepare the launch of a new medical device in China

        Our team supported a medical device player in preparing the launch of one of its products on the Chinese market. In order to finalize its launch roadmap, and to validate its market positioning, our client called on our team to conduct a market study on competing offers in China.

        To do so, our team conducted an in-depth bibliographic review, complemented by interviews with buyers and users of medical devices such as our client’s, in order to gather their knowledge of the current market offering and their expectations with regards to a new solution entering the market.

        Our market study enabled our client to refine the positioning of its product and finalize its targeting plan and launch sequence.

      • Market analysis: supporting a pharmaceutical company in its transition to a new value proposition

        One of our clients, a player in the pharmaceutical industry, was looking to make a transition to a new value proposition likely to induce profound changes in its commercial functions.

        We helped them broaden and challenge their current vision by exploring the models of other companies, notably through a comparative competitive analysis and sharing of experiences, and by analyzing the needs and expectations of their customers.

        Our team organized several workshops with our client’s teams in order to produce a complete set of specifications for the future business and the associated roadmap for the upcoming transition.

      • Market analysis and receptivity study for the launch of a new Managed Security Services (MSS) offer  in the cybersecurity market

        We helped a cybersecurity client with the first SPRINT of a hybrid project. In order to refine its new MMS offer and identify the most receptive targets in various markets, our client called on our team to carry out a market and receptivity study.

        The project consisted of an initial quantitative market research aimed at quantifying the market, followed by a qualitative study to assess receptivity with a focus on interviews with key decision-makers within different industries.

        Thanks to this study, the client was able to identify priority customers, better understand their needs and expectations, and establish its legitimacy amongst future customers.

      • Market research around by-products and waste valorization in building insulation

        As part of its circular economy approach, our client wanted to study a potential investment in a start-up capable of transforming one of its by-products into insulating panels.

        Our team therefore carried out a market analysis looking into the interest in insulating panels made from this specific material on a European scale, and identifying the specific applications that could be envisaged.

        This allowed the customer to understand the most relevant applications for its product, the corresponding market, the properties of its material of particular interest and those to be achieved to satisfy market needs. Moreover, initial potential partners interested in co-developing and distributing the product were identified.

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