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Imagine the innovative products of tomorrow by boosting your product innovation

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting R&D and marketing teams in their product innovation projects by exploring, imagining and testing innovative new product concepts on the market.

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    How we support you in your product innovation projects

    Alcimed supports its customers in the development of their product innovations. We work in collaboration with our clients’ Research & Development (R&D) departments and marketing teams to help them explore, imagine, test and launch new product concepts (new raw materials, new ingredients, new technologies, new packaging, etc.) that meet the needs of consumers/users.

    We also assist our clients in setting up or implementing effective innovation processes (internal innovation process, community animation, open innovation approach, etc.), in studying their launch environments (market context and trends, competitive analysis, regulatory analysis, etc.) through to operational implementation and the launch of their innovations (market access strategy, search for partners, tactical product launch plan, business development support, etc.).

    Examples of recent product innovation projects carried out for our clients

    • Launching product innovations: evaluation of an innovative hypertension management program in several countries

      Supporting a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in the testing of an innovative hypertension management program launched in several countries.

      Through an analysis of available scientific publications, international guidelines and congress reports, as well as an assessment of the receptiveness of healthcare professionals, Alcimed enabled its client to determine the likely impact of such a disease management program from a patient perspective and in terms of sales in the target countries.

    • Product innovation: new avenues for product innovation in infant formula

      Our team explored the field of natural alternatives to cow’s milk to help a player in the food industry to innovate on its range of infant milks.

      Our client wanted to inspire its R&D teams by analyzing all possible alternatives to cow’s milk in order to create a roadmap of new product innovations together.

      Through the identification and characterization of alternatives to cow’s milk, both animal and vegetable, then the selection and prioritization of these solutions, Alcimed enabled its client to identify new avenues for product innovation, enabling it to define a new product development plan adapted to this trend and thus meet consumer expectations.

    • Open innovation: improvement of a product innovation process towards more open innovation for a leader in the agri-food industry

      We supported the R&D team of a leading player in the food industry in optimizing its product innovation process to accelerate the marketing of its products.

      Our client had an innovation process very rich in ideas but internally focused and not very open to an external ecosystem. This constraint generated many limitations, including slow idea characterization and feasibility checks.

      By conducting a benchmark of existing open innovation practices in the industry and leading a series of workshops with our client’s teams, we identified and implemented actions to use external partners at various stages of the innovation process in order to accelerate the different stages and thus the time-to-market of our client’s product innovations.

    • Product innovation: setting up an “innovation lab” to stimulate a culture of innovation

      We assisted a leading pharmaceutical company that wanted to bring its teams together around innovation to develop new products, new services, new market access models and new ways of working; all in a special and unique place.

      We decided to generate this new momentum by imagining the creation of an “innovation laboratory”, a physical place “apart”.

      Through an external benchmark and internal workshops with a dedicated project team, we defined its operational functioning and roadmap and then organized the first events taking place in this new laboratory with employees now ready to innovate!

    • Technology scouting to identify new product innovations in the food industry

      For a leader in the beverage sector, Alcimed carried out an exhaustive mapping of technologies for 4 key processes: pasteurization, deaeration, blending and filling, in order to stimulate upstream innovation and feed the project pipeline for all business units worldwide.

      In this context, it wanted to gain an overview of key technologies, and open up to key external players to increase performance levels, be more innovative, and improve product quality and integrity. Through a scouting exercise, we identified 26 technologies, evaluated 8 in depth, and finally selected 6 as priority product innovations.

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      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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