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Identify and analyze the practices of other players with a benchmark

For more than 30 years, Alcimed has been supporting its clients in carrying out benchmarks aimed at identifying the best practices implemented by other players in a similar situation or for comparison purposes in order to situate the company in its market environment.

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    How our team can support you to create a benchmark

    Alcimed supports its clients in the exploration of their uncharted territories, which often leads to the question: have others already done so? If so, how? The benchmark is there to answer it! Beyond an exploratory aspect to inspire, our team also carries out benchmarks with the objective of a comparative analysis, allowing our clients to situate themselves in their market environment with respect to their competitors.

    Examples of recent benchmarks carried out for our clients

    • Competitive benchmark: reorganization of the medical affairs department of a pharmaceutical laboratory

      For a leading pharmaceutical player who wanted to reorganize its medical affairs department by specialty, Alcimed carried out a benchmark of the organizational and operational models of medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

      Our team studied and analyzed existing models in others companies in terms of governance, structure, operational functioning, roles and responsibilities within their companies.

      This benchmark exercise allowed us to identify the different possible models for our client, to understand the key success factors and the pitfalls and traps inherent to the evolution of medical affairs by therapeutic areas, and to recommend the best way to build the new medical affairs team of our client.

    • Benchmark analysis: study of innovative business models

      We worked with a leading player in the animal health sector who wanted to imagine new business models in connection with new services to be developed. We organized an “inspiration” workshop bringing together players from different sectors such as Butagaz, Xerox, Samsung and Somfy.

      This workshop comprised 2 steps: the first one consisted in better understanding the history, the good practices and the key success factors of these inspiring companies’ models, and the second one consisted in co-constructing with our client the most adapted model to their case.

      Our approach enabled our client to draw inspiration from other non-competitive players to define an innovative business model that would differentiate themselves from existing models.

    • External benchmark: analysis of digital customer communities for an energy player

      For a leading energy player, we assessed the feasibility of developing a virtual customer community to promote energy efficiency in French overseas territories.

      To validate the feasibility and relevance of such a community, our team carried out a benchmark of 30 existing virtual communities and 10 inspiring initiatives in different sectors, identifying the associated good practices, the pitfalls to avoid and transposing them to our client’s issues.

      Finally, we recommended our client get started and also oriented him on the platform design and on the partners required to implement this initiative.

    • Benchmarking of market offers: transition from a product sales approach to a solution sales approach

      Our team supported a manufacturer of building materials to move from selling products to selling solutions/services, by integrating a training offer for craftsmen. In a context of transformation of the sector (arrival of a new generation of craftsmen, development of e-commerce, …), our client wanted to rethink its current sales approach to modernize it and ensure its growth.

      Through field research, including benchmarking existing offers and models on the market, our team was able to co-construct with our client a new service offering and a roadmap for the creation of these services.

      In the end, our client was able to reach the targeted end-users and maintain its growth in a declining market on the traditional product-centric offer.

    • Benchmark analysis of business models for the transition to a new value proposition

      A company in the pharmaceutical sector was looking to make the transition to a new value proposition, likely to induce profound changes in its sales functions.

      We helped them broaden and challenge their current vision by exploring existing market models, notably through a competitive benchmark, and by analyzing their customers’ needs and expectations.

      Our team organized several workshops with our customer’s teams, resulting in a complete set of specifications for the future business and the associated roadmap for the upcoming transition.

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      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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