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For more than 30 years, Alcimed has been supporting the leaders of the aeronautics, space and defense sector in their innovation and new market development projects.

Our activities for aeronautics, space, and defence players

The explorers of Alcimed’s aeronautics, space, and defense team support everyday major industry players (integrators, equipment manufacturers, operators, etc.) and institutions on a wide variety of challenges: industry 4.0, cybersecurity, the client experience, new energy sources, new space, drones, digital sovereignty, and more.

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Some examples of projects carried out for our clients

Our projects cover diverse subjects such as state of the art, market studies, identifying new technologies, developing road maps, implementing circular economy models, improving the client experience, defining supply chain strategies, developing new sectors, launching innovations, studying new usages, driving prospective analyses, re-making business models, identifying partners, and many more!

  • Misson manufacturing 4.0 for an industrial leader

    Which technologies should be deployed? Which elements need to be re-imagined? What role do humans play?

  • Strategic foresight exercises

    New propulsive and non-propulsive energies (hydrogen, biofuels, etc.), opportunities in the new space, new market verticals in space, etc.

  • Analysis of biomimetic swarming approaches

    Development of new collaborative systems

  • Study of new uses, new marketing approaches and new business models

    As a service/servitization, platformization,... ; test & learn, check4value,...

  • Building and carrying out a wargame

    Imagine new concepts for tactical drones in a semi-symmetrical conflict by 2025-2030

  • New concept of operation of services in orbit (re-orbiting, refueling, ...)

    Building a differentiating value proposition, operational and economic scenarios and quantification of the market potential

  • Co-construction of new passenger experiences and improved customer paths

  • Mission to analyze the evolution of maintenance, services and the cabin of the future

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  • Logo_carre_Thales

    "We’ve launched “The Race” with Alcimed, an initiative helping us pivoting our core business. With The Race we are building strong differentiation through innovations going beyond technology. For several months, we embark and support key Product Lines to shake beliefs and demonstrate our capacity to innovate. Feedbacks show impressive change of mindsets and great business impacts! The Race is now a community inspiring action in all our Business Units. This initiative was welcomed by both teams and management members."

    Valérie BERTHEAU

    Group Product Policy VP

  • Logo_carre_MBDA

    "We worked with Alcimed on various emerging technology themes. Alcimed enabled us to provide internal experts with a complementary watch and state of the art, an analysis of complex ecosystems, sources of inspiration from different industries, as well as the identification of the most promising partners and/or technologies. This approach improves the understanding of the dynamics of research ecosystems and guides internal concepts and investments."

    Patrice RAIPIN

    Sales and Business Development for Technologies and New Products

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