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Increase the engagement of your customers and their interactions with your brand

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in the definition or redesign of their customer engagement models, to improve the impact of their interactions and increase the value they deliver to their customers.

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    The challenges related to customer engagement

    With the rise of digital technology and its impact on customer relations, companies must rethink their sales and communication approaches in order to keep generating customer engagement. Designing and developing the right customer engagement strategy, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, requires consideration of several key challenges:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your customer engagement projects

      We support our clients in all healthcare industries, from global to local.

      With regard to the challenges listed above, we support you on 4 pillars, throughout the concept of the customer engagement model:

      • Help you better understand your customers and identify key insights that will in turn shape the most relevant engagement models.
      • Support you in the concrete construction of your customer engagement model, whether from a strategic or tactical point of view.
      • Then support you in the deployment of this or these model(s): creation of new content, change management, acquisition of new channels, implementation of new organizations and processes, etc.
      • Finally, support you in analyzing the data from these activities and defining new customer insights or recommendations to adapt and develop your model.

      Examples of recent customer engagement projects carried out for our clients

      • Definition of new digital approaches to customer engagement for a pharmaceutical player

        Our team supported an international pharmaceutical stakeholder in the digitalization of its interactions with its customers in the context of the health crisis. Beyond being a constraint, the Covid-19 crisis has enabled pharmaceutical industrial players to test multiple digital initiatives to maintain the relationship and engagement of their customers.

        To help our client rethink their approach, we first detected the existing best practices internally within the Asia-Pacific teams, then analyzed cases of inspiring benchmarks in this area.

        On this basis, we were able to co-construct with our client a concrete and specific action plan to strengthen its digital engagement actions for healthcare professionals and enable it to innovate on these subjects compared to its competitors.

      • Transformation of customer engagement models and adaptation of the role of sales teams in a subsidiary

        Our client, sales director of a subsidiary of a leading pharmaceutical company, had ambitious goals for transforming its customer engagement model and was facing reluctance and concerns from its field forces, linked to the fear of seeing their role disappear or devalued in these new models. We supported our client in the organization and facilitation of several work sessions with the following objectives:

        1. to explain the challenges of this necessary transformation
        2. to inspire the sales teams about the importance of their role by projecting their development
        3. to work together to build a roadmap for change.

        Our project has enabled our client to unite its teams around this development and to clarify the stages of transformation towards a new customer engagement model.

      • Redesign of a global customer engagement strategy for a pharmaceutical player

        Our client wanted to overhaul its engagement strategy with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and in particular rethink the nature of the content to be offered to these stakeholders. We began by redefining a segmentation of KOLs starting from their fundamental objectives and needs.

        For each of the redefined segments, we then identified the key content to offer in a logical sequence of customer engagement, in particular by isolating the most original and innovative content to offer as well as the best formats to convey this content.

        We ultimately selected 3 new concepts to offer (content + format) that were added to the business plan of our client’s “content factory”.

      • Redefinition of a customer engagement model for a range of prescription products using a Data approach

        As part of an internal reorganization disrupting the organization of its promotional network, our client, a Business Unit Director of a pharma subsidiary, wanted to redefine the most effective promotional model to develop to maximize the performance of its customer engagement with constant resources.

        To do this, we developed a 100% data science approach with the aim of making all of our client’s internal data speak for itself. We started by collecting and structuring all the available data (sales data, activity data, budget, etc.) in order to prepare our analysis. An econometric model then enabled us to answer the following three questions: which segments of prescribers have the most potential? What is the best engagement model to put in place with these segments? What is the best sales organization to capture the target potential?

        Finally, and after having modeled different scenarios, we recommended to our client an optimal scenario, implemented since our project together.

      • Creation of innovative content to optimize a cardiology patient care pathway in Europe

        Our client, a European pharmaceutical leader, was selling an innovative product in cardiology for which no new clinical data would be generated in the coming years. Its challenge was therefore to think of an innovative engagement model that would “open the doctor’s door” without relying on the traditional use of data. We then built together an original content creation project around the idea of optimizing the care pathway. The pathology concerned was not properly taken care of in the vast majority of cases due to various issues throughout the patient pathway. We supported our client with the help of a committee of KOLs in the identification and selection of best practices deployed at the European level to optimize these pathways. These best practices were then transformed into high impact content (3 publications in particular) which were distributed through various channels to a large number of prescribers.

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