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The Alcimed team explores the challenges of digital sovereignty for multiple major actors in France and Europe with a view to helping them better understand the digital ecosystem in order to promote a transition towards more sovereign solutions.

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    The challenges related to digital sovereignty

    Today, the field of information and communication technologies is governed by the American giants: GAMAMs (Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.). These organisms have established a virtual monopoly of the global digital space. This monopoly, both technical and economic, sometimes threatens the integrity of our most sensitive data. In addition, events (Snowden affair in 2013 – Promulgation of the Cloud Act in 2018) that made it possible to turn these threats into reality have pushed European players to build a strategy in order to remove themselves from the hegemony of the GAMAMs and, in doing so, to regain digital sovereignty.

    Achieving this digital sovereignty is a national and European strategic objective in order to be able to better master digital technologies and ensure data integrity, on the internet and in cyberspace first and foremost. Many challenges remain for European industrial companies and institutional players seeking to regain their digital sovereignty:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to digital sovereignty 

      Alcimed has been supporting its clients for over 25 years with their innovation and new business development projects, among which digital sovereignty is a key issue. We support many industrial and institutional players, who work on different aspects of data management and French and European digital sovereignty (e.g. Thales, MBDA, CNES, etc.).

      The diversity of our clients, the geographic fields we explore and the types of projects we develop give us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues related to digital sovereignty.

      Our projects cover areas as diverse as digital transition, new technologies, new business models related to the digital world, the assessment of market opportunities, the launch of innovations, partner identification, as well as regulatory developments.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in digital sovereignty

      • Identification of priority use cases of critical data for a certified French cloud

        We supported an industrial actor in its desire to offer the French Defense Ministry a certified, sovereign private cloud allowing them to work in a cloud-type work environment, but with sensitive data, known as restricted distribution (RD). Our client wanted to identify the priority use cases for this platform and associated services.

        After a quick bibliographical analysis and an analysis of the competitive environment of the company, the heart of our intervention consisted of an exchange with players from the Defense universe (large groups, institutions, start-ups, etc.), in order to identify the priority interest applications for this platform.

        We were thus able to highlight a particular interest in services enabling collaborative work in the defense sector, but also to propose promising initial avenues outside of defense (OVI: Operators of Vital Importance or ESO: Essential Services Operator), a real uncharted territory for our client, which we continue to explore with him!

      • Development of a new cybersecurity platform for Defense and Information Systems Security

        Alcimed supported a leading security & digital industrial player through a coaching and consulting process for a product line to develop a cybersecurity offer in the form of a digital platform. It enables both the detection and the identification of cyber-attacks aimed at all types of players (industrial, public, governments, etc.) to achieve both security and digital sovereignty, while ensuring controlled risk management and optimal cyber resilience.

        To do this, our team carried out an analysis of the needs and expectations of the various players in the ecosystem (manufacturers, ministerial institutions, start-ups, states and governments, etc.) for this platform, as well as an analysis of the competition and a study of the cybersecurity market. Our investigation made it possible to define relevant usage cases for such a platform, to redefine the value proposition of the offer, and to identify the key success factors and potential barriers for its further development.

        The result for our client: the validation of the relevance of its platform with regard to the needs of the market and the client ecosystem, the definition of the most relevant value proposition and business model, and recommendations on its future positioning.

      • Development of a European digital innovation hub with a focus on AI and cybersecurity

        Alcimed supported the Grand Est region in France in building its regional EDIH, or European Digital Innovation Hubs. More specifically, this initiative aimed to support all regional SMEs and ETIs by enabling them to grasp the challenges of AI, cybersecurity and high-performance computing.

        A Europe-wide study revealed that only large groups were in a position to take up these challenges, which represented a significant risk for smaller structures. In response to these challenges, we helped our clients to develop the offer, model and organisation of this new regional hub, in conjunction with more than 80 regional entities.

        Thanks to this project, our team has contributed to reducing the digital gap between large companies and smaller structures, by promoting a local and integrated approach that fosters regional technological autonomy. In this way, Alcimed helped lay the foundations for a stronger, more resilient and more competitive regional economy.

      • Evaluation of the potential of a digital platform to promote the regional audiovisual content of a French region

        Alcimed supported the Grand Est region in France in evaluating the potential of a digital platform to promote regional audiovisual content. This project aimed to encourage the development of local digital platforms, thereby supporting the regional digital economy while promoting cultural and linguistic diversity in the face of the dominance of international content.

        To do this, we carried out a benchmark of another regional platform to understand its business model and the possibilities in terms of content offering. This initial analysis was supplemented by interviews with key players in the media ecosystem, such as producers and local television channels. Using this information, our team then conducted a workshop with several groups of stakeholders to define an editorial line and the ambitions of the digital platform under construction.

        Ultimately, our project enabled the Grand Est Region to identify the development potential of such a platform and to acquire a good understanding of the project’s funding and subsidy issues, thanks in particular to the production of a 5-year Business Plan.

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