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Identify business opportunities and detect competitive threats

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in carrying out competitive analyses to identify opportunities and threats related to competition in their target markets.

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    How we support you in your competitive analysis

    Competitive analysis is a one-off study focused on the practices and situations of competitors, which can be based, for example on the 5 “Porter’s strengths” (current competitors, the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitute products, the power of suppliers and the power of customers) or on other methods of investigation and analysis within the framework of our projects. It can be used for competitive intelligence, or as a war-game / win-game exercise with our customers’ teams, enabling us to anticipate possible movements of competitors and prepare for the future at different time points.

    Competitive analysis can serve various objectives such as optimizing the company’s strategy, developing a marketing plan or a market access plan, or building a business plan.

    Examples of recent competitive analysis carried out for our clients

    • Competitive analysis: animation of a strategic and operational reflection around the evolution of the competition

      Our team supported a client in the healthcare sector in the preparation and facilitation of a prospective exercise of competitive evolution by teams around the world. Our client was in a particularly competitive market environment and wished to project with its teams the evolution of its competitors in order to work now on action plans of differentiation and gain or maintain market share.

      To do so, our team first analyzed the portfolios of the major competitors and their dynamics, then analyzed the other players in the ecosystem, who could either develop specific solutions or technological bricks, or hold strong positions on a niche sub-segment of the market. We then analyzed potential new entrants, based on market trends.

      Based on all this, our team co-defined prospective scenarios with our client, in preparation for the facilitation of a global workshop in a “win-game” format, enabling the teams to be involved in identifying the strongest threats and defining actions to be implemented now to prepare for them proactively.

    • Competitive analysis: competitive intelligence on biosimilars of a biological drug

      We assist one of our clients in the pharmaceutical field in carrying out regular competitive intelligence on the biosimilars of one of its drugs.

      Before launching our monitoring, our team carried out a scoping stage by interviewing the various stakeholders involved in this monitoring, internally at our client’s site, in order to precisely define the elements of value for each (new regulations, announcements from manufacturers in the market, new partnerships published, new clinical results, etc.).

      For more than 3 years, Alcimed has been leading the community of internal contributors (Market Access, Pricing, Regulatory teams) to publish a regular monitoring bulletin, synthetic and original!

    • Competitive analysis: market research and competitive analysis to prepare the launch of a new medical device in China

      Our team supported a medical device player in preparing the launch of one of its products on the Chinese market. In order to finalize its launch roadmap, and to validate its market positioning, our client called on our team to conduct a market study on competing offers in China.

      To do so, our team conducted an in-depth bibliographic review, complemented by interviews with buyers and users of medical devices such as our client’s, in order to gather their knowledge of the current market offering and their expectations with regards to a new solution entering the market. Our market study enabled our client to refine the positioning of its product and finalize its targeting plan and launch sequence.

    • Competitive analysis: supporting a pharmaceutical company in its transition to a new value proposition

      One of our clients, a player in the pharmaceutical industry, was looking to make a transition to a new value proposition likely to induce profound changes in its commercial functions. We helped them broaden and challenge their current vision by exploring the models of other companies, notably through a comparative competitive analysis and sharing of experiences, and by analyzing the needs and expectations of their customers. Our team organized several workshops with our client’s teams in order to produce a complete set of specifications for the future business and the associated roadmap for the upcoming transition.

    • Competitive study: competitive analysis in preparation for the reorganization of a pharmaceutical company's medical affairs department

      For a leading pharmaceutical company wishing to reorganize its medical affairs department by specialty, Alcimed carried out a competitive study of medical affairs organizational and operational models in the pharmaceutical industry.

      Our team studied and analyzed existing models in terms of governance, structure, operational functioning, roles and responsibilities within several companies. This competitive study enabled us to identify the various possible models for our client, to understand the key success factors as well as the pitfalls and traps inherent in an evolution of medical affairs through specialty medicine, and to recommend the best way to build our client’s new medical affairs team.

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