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Optimize the life cycle of your products with a recyclability strategy

Alcimed works daily on projects at the heart of the energy transition, such as recyclability. More specifically, we support our clients in their innovation projects throughout the product life cycle, from research on raw materials to waste recovery and the reincorporation of recycled materials.

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    The challenges related to the recyclability of materials

    The consideration of sustainable development goals and climate issues has prompted state governments to rethink their economic growth trajectories in a way that is decoupled from the consumption of natural resources, in particular by starting a transition to the circular economy. One of the pillars of this decoupling is recycling, replacing virgin raw materials (VRM) with recycled raw materials (RRM).

    Since it is impossible to develop recycling without improving the recyclability of materials, manufacturers must therefore look into the matter. This improvement is based on:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to recyclability 

      For over 25 years, Alcimed has supported its clients on many issues related to recyclability. Indeed, we have carried out numerous missions for various players such as large industrial players (for example: Suez, Véolia, EDF, Orano, ENEDIS, RTE, etc.) or national and European institutions and research centers (e.g., the CARNOT institutes, ADEME, etc.).

      The diversity of our clients, the geographic fields that we explore, and the types of projects that we carry out, give us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed in the field of recyclability.

      Our missions explore recyclability from every angle; market studies for the recycling of materials, technological analyzes for the industrial waste collection and sorting sectors, or even the preparation of partnership files for researching new materials.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in recyclability

      • Definition of the recyclability strategy of an aeronautics player

        One of our clients in the aerospace industry wanted to define a recyclability strategy for its products by identifying the most critical materials and possible end-of-life processing routes.

        To do this, our team identified all the parts contained in our client’s products and defined their end-of-life treatment criticality using a life cycle analysis and environmental risk assessment approach. Following this, our team identified the possible ways of recovering critical materials at the end of their life, taking into account the economic, technical and environmental aspects of each recovery channel, as well as the possibilities of incorporating recycled materials into production chains. Finally, our team identified industries offering sustainable solutions suitable for potential partnerships with our client.

        Ultimately, our client was able to adapt its strategy for recyclability of critical materials and initiate their recovery.

      • Support for an environmental player in his technological platform project for the recovery of waste for recyclability

        Alcimed supported an environmental player in putting together a presentation pack for a technological platform for sorting waste as part of a Call for Expression of Interest.

        This involved our team coaching the editorial team for several weeks on the management of the project and more particularly on the overall structuring of the pack, particularly at the offer level. At the same time, our team carried out a market study of the impact of the platform to help determine the possible pricing of the services offered.

        This meant that our client was able to adapt their project to the requirements linked to the formalism imposed by the exercise, to submit a complete and finalized pack.

      • Advising a CARNOT institute in the development of its activities on the theme of recyclability

        Possessing strong expertise in recycling and the circular economy, one of our clients, a CARNOT institute, wanted support to promote its skills to manufacturers and thus increase its activities on these themes.

        To achieve this, our team helped our client to structure its research offer for industrial players and to identify the key markets and industrialists who could be interested. Then, our team tested the receptivity of manufacturers to this offer to define a strategy for accessing these markets.

        Alcimed’s support enabled our client to formalize a presentation of its know-how in order to have an impact on identified manufacturers, as well as to define a commercial roadmap on these markets.

      • Study of the communication of companies in the agrifood sector around the recyclability of packaging

        One of our clients in the agrifood sector wanted to obtain an overview of its competitive environment regarding sustainable packaging.

        Our team analyzed companies in the sector regarding their practices in terms of communication on sustainable packaging for children’s products in 2 target countries.

        Our support has enabled our client to have a precise vision of the behavior of other companies in the sector around the challenges of sustainable packaging and our project has enabled the definition of a communication roadmap set apart from that of its competition.

      • Definition of a medical device manufacturer’s strategy for managing the end-of-life and recyclability of its medical devices

        One of our customers, a MedTech player, wanted to improve the recyclability of its medical devices, in particular by improving its end-of-life management strategy.

        To help them achieve this, we mapped out the regulations and the main players involved in managing the end-of-life and recycling of medical devices. We then worked on possible changes to these regulations and their impact on the value chain.

        Based on the vision of the various market players (regulators, players involved in end-of-life management, pharmaceutical players, etc.), we worked on setting up a roadmap combining concrete actions and players to be mobilised in order to propose new, differentiating ways of managing the end of life of medical devices.

      • Identification of ways of recycling permanent magnets for an energy company

        A player in the energy sector wanted to identify ways of recycling its permanent magnets.

        To help them do this, we began by drawing up an overview of all the current and future technological avenues for recycling permanent magnets, from traditional methods such as remelting or hydrogen decomposition to less mature approaches such as electrochemical recycling. Our discussions with experts in these technologies enabled us to clearly identify the obstacles to be overcome in order to make these approaches relevant from an industrial point of view.

        We then analysed developments in permanent magnet application markets in order to identify the main challenges in terms of industrial needs.

        In the final stage, we worked with our client to set up scenarios to identify the conditions for success in setting up sustainable recycling channels.

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