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Whether for the development of new drugs, new diagnostic solutions, new medical devices and equipment, or even new services for patients and healthcare providers, innovative medical technologies are at the heart of the reflections on improving healthcare systems; this is the emergence of a universe called HealthTech. The Alcimed Healthcare team supports companies in this sector but also more generally healthcare players in their innovation and development projects related to the HealthTech field.

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    The challenges related to HealthTech

    The HealthTech sector is currently the most dynamic sector of the healthcare market. In France alone, there are more than 2,000 HealthTechs, and among these nearly 750 BioTechs, 1,200 MedTechs and 200 e-health players. In addition, pharma companies, with a more traditional positioning, are also investing in such medical technologies. In 2021 alone, companies in the French HealthTech ecosystem raised €2.3 billion.

    However, this exceptional dynamic hides major challenges for companies and healthcare systems, such as:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to HealthTech

      Since its creation more than 25 years ago, Alcimed has been supporting many companies in their challenges related to HealthTech. Indeed, we have carried out dozens of projects in this field for different stakeholders such as:

      • BioTechs (such as Actelion, Akcea Therapeutics, Alnylam, Enterome, Insmed, Moderna, Polyplus, Vertex, etc.)
      • MedTechs (such as Arjo, Baxter, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Owen Mumford, Rainin, Stryker, Terumo, etc.)
      • E-health players (such as Livi, Cibiltech, MyData-TRUST, WeHealth by Servier, etc.)
      • Industrial players and public actors wishing to have a better understanding of the issues related to these innovative health technologies and wishing to position themselves in this sector.

      The diversity of our clients, the geographic fields we explore, and the types of projects we carry out, give us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed in the field of HealthTech.

      Our projects cover areas as diverse as seeking funding, preparing for the launch of new drugs, devices or medical equipment, analyzing associated business models, conducting competitive benchmark, identifying key partners, understanding disease management and patient care pathways, assessing market opportunities, market access, pricing and reimbursement, regulatory developments and operational support..

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in HealthTech

      • Support for an American BioTech in the launch of their first orphan drug in Europe

        Alcimed has been supporting an American BioTech specializing in a rare disease for many years in its establishment in Europe.

        Our support was focused on several topics. The first, through the exploration and understanding of the ecosystem of different European countries, aimed to understand patient pathways, identify the main care centers, opinion leaders, etc. Subsequently, we helped define the strategy for launching our client’s treatment at the European level, with an important medical component given the unmet medical needs for this rare disease, and the lack of structuring of the care systems. Operational launch plans have been developed in key European markets.

        Finally, we have co-created a care ecosystem for patients through collaborations with opinion leaders, care centers and learned societies, with the objective of improving the level of knowledge, diagnosis and quality of care for patients in the various French centers.

      • Support for a pharmaceutical laboratory in the evaluation of the receptivity of a new MedTech product in different categories of patients

        One of our clients wanted to improve the management of chronic diseases for patients requiring assistance from a relative, in particular children and the elderly, using a new medical monitoring device.

        Alcimed tested the receptivity of the product’s functionalities, its ergonomics, its aesthetics, with different categories of patients, but also with their relatives and caregivers, in order to define more precisely the optimal positioning of the device. At the same time, Alcimed identified the most relevant distribution channels, by patient category.

        Our client’s product was commercialized in 2021.

      • Strategic due diligence of HealthTech start-ups that have developed connected medical devices

        Alcimed supported a pharmaceutical laboratory in the strategic assessment of several HealthTech start-ups developing digital solutions in pain management, type 2 diabetes treatment, management of neuropsychiatric disorders, etc. Our client wanted to study these start-ups in order to offer them potential partnerships.

        Our team’s analyses mainly consisted of evaluating the addressable market for the medical device, evaluating the ability of the company analyzed to establish itself in its competitive environment, and evaluating the receptivity of the solutions by the patients concerned.

        The final objective of our project was to conclude on the relevance and viability of the start-ups studied as well as to define their optimal business models, with a view to a strategic alliance with our client.

      • Support for an e-health player in its strategy to acquire a HealthTech company

        Alcimed supported a player offering online consultations in its acquisition strategy.

        This support began with a scoping of the types of companies interesting for an acquisition with regard to the strategy and prospects of our client. This was followed by a screening of potential target companies and a more detailed characterization of the most promising companies.

        Most of the companies screened and characterized were MedTechs, BioTechs and e-health players complementary to our client’s offering.

      • Support for a healthcare manufacturer in defining its strategy for entering the connected devices market

        Alcimed supported the innovation department of a medical device manufacturer in defining its strategy for entering the connected devices market.

        Our teams began by analyzing this market and the current players in Europe and the United States, through a literature review and interviews with industry experts. We then identified the trends, risks and factors driving or blocking the market for connected devices, as well as specific use cases, in order to deduce key success factors for our customer.

        This work enabled our customers to gain an overview of the market for connected healthcare devices, and to identify the key actions they needed to put in place to develop their strategy.

      • Support for a biotech in identifying the best indications and sub-populations for developing and positioning its new immunotherapy

        Our customer, a biotech, wanted to identify the main solid tumor indication among four (breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer) and the main associated sub-populations to develop and position its new immunotherapy.

        We first identified the sub-populations in each indication, their treatments and the potential of immunotherapy through a literature review and interviews with industry experts. Our teams then assessed physicians’ receptiveness to the solution and identified its most relevant entry point, then characterized its potential place in the treatment plan and the size of the corresponding population.

        In this way, we were able to identify different patient profiles and development opportunities for our customers, each with their own risks and potential benefits, to position their new immunotherapy.

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