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For more than 30 years, Alcimed has been supporting the leaders of the cosmetics and luxury sector in their innovation and new market development projects.

Our activities for cosmetics and luxury players

The explorers of Alcimed’s cosmetics team support everyday the players in the cosmetics and luxury sector – both the brands and their partners – on a wide variety of challenges: conquering new markets, ultra-personalization, holistic approaches to well-being, improving ecological imprints, and more.

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Some examples of projects carried out for our clients

Our projects cover diverse subjects such as state of the art, market studies, identifying new technologies, defining supply chain strategies, launching innovations, defining new consumer experiences, re-making innovation processes, identifying partners, and many more!

  • State of the art of smart materials and identification of competence centers and associated partners

  • Reinvention and animation of a community of microbiome experts

    Creation of a digitalized advisory board

  • Identification of partners dedicated to African hair

    Offer more inclusive and ethical cosmetic products

  • Horizon 2030 & prospective study

    Identification of scientific/technological developments (regenerative medicine, genetics, etc.) impacting the business model of a player in cosmetics testing

  • Promotion of research work by benchmark and analysis of the consumer’s point of view

    Development of a training program for in-store sales advisers

  • Identification of environmentally friendly solutions for a player in the luxury sector

    Waterless process to combat water scarcity, technological alternatives to plastic as part of a zero-waste approach

  • Support for the launch of a new product range targeting atopic skins

  • Analysis and understanding of aesthetic physicians' practices in relation to patients' mental wellness in several countries

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