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24 July 2020 | Position papers

With MEDICEN and in collaboration with numerous players from the health sector, Alcimed has identified 7 key and structuring learnings for the health sector after the COVID-19 crisis. This work points out well-known reflection, however the crisis gave them a new dimension. Among other things, we can mention the extreme fragmentation and segmentation of the health sector which would benefit from developing the synergies of the multiple health projects and players, and the lack of national and European sovereignty in terms of the production of health products.

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Alcimed Position Paper – FOOD 2050

22 July 2020 | Position papers

Position paper ‘Food : the consumer guide in 2050’ (in French). At Alcimed, we have identified the major and emerging trends that are shaping our way of consuming and imagined how they will impact our food on the horizon of 2050 around 3 major questions: Which products will be consumed? How will food products be procured? How will we consume them?

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Tendances sur le marché des boissons naturalié fonctionnalité boissons fermentées eaux aromatisées

The soft drinks market: 4 boiling trends

The soft drinks market is one of the most innovative food markets, driven by new consumer demands who are attentive to the quality, naturalness and nutritional profile of products, and the integration of new raw materials. Alcimed provides you with its view of this sector, as major industrialists and start-ups are bursting with dynamism, like cross innovations at SIAL and beyond.

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Biomimétisme materiaux intelligents auto-réparants en milieu humide. Biomimicry and self-repairing smart materials in wet environments

Biomimicry and smart materials (3/3): How did squid inspire self-repairing materials in wet environments?

21 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

BIOMIMICRY & SMART MATERIALS SERIES (3/3): Smart materials are so-called “intelligent” materials that are designed to be sensitive, adaptive and scalable to their external environment through low intensity stimuli. Biomimicry is one possible approach to designing them with inspiration from nature. The self-healing teeth of squid have inspired self-repairing materials in wet environments. This opens up opportunities for new technical textile fibers. Alcimed’s Chemicals-Materials team takes stock of this promising technology for several sectors.

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Health Data Hub et opportunités d'innovation pour l'industrie pharmaceutique française

The Health Data Hub: what opportunities are there for the pharmaceutical industry?

20 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

The data accumulated by the French health system are representative of care usage in a developed country and can be further valorized. With the launch of the Health Data Hub, a platform for sharing French health data, the government aims to facilitate and encourage their use. Alcimed deciphers the promise of opportunities that this new player in the health ecosystem offers to the pharmaceutical industry to foster innovation in health.

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Vehicule-to-grid: electromobility and electric vehicles energy storage source

Vehicle-to-grid: will the electric vehicle of tomorrow be a full-fledged energy storage source?

16 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

With the development of electromobility and the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, many questions arise about the impact of recharging them on the electricity grid. Indeed, the simultaneous recharging of a large volume of vehicles could disrupt the power grid, especially if the maximum power available locally is exceeded. Solutions are emerging to counterbalance the impact of their recharging, or even to take advantage of their assets, in particular their storage capacity. Alcimed takes stock of one of these promising technologies, the vehicle-to-grid.

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Biomimétisme et matériaux intelligents adhésifs photo-curables

Biomimicry and smart materials (2/3): How did mollusks inspire photo-curable adhesives in natural light?

15 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

BIOMIMICRY & SMART MATERIALS SERIES (2/3): When intelligent materials and biomimicry meet, new technological breakthroughs are born. Smart materials are materials that are able to adapt to their environment under the influence of external stimuli. The study of certain mollusks has led to the development of photo-curable adhesives, a promise of systems that can be activated easily and at low cost.  At Alcimed, our Chemicals-Materials team takes stock of this promising technology which allows us to envisage applications in the medical field.

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