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Tests génétiques Santé Cosmétiques - Genetic tests Healthcare Cosmetics

How have genetic tests won over the general public?

Driven by rapid technological advances, genetic testing is now within the direct reach of consumers. This fast-growing market is pushing many companies to expand, particularly in Asian markets. And yet, the accumulation of data linked to the boom in this activity and their management are already a major challenge.

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5 innovations pour purifier l'air des villes pollution

5 European innovations to purify the air in our cities!

26 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

Air pollution is a subject at the heart of current concerns. For several weeks, researchers and doctors have warned about the correlation between air pollution and sensitivity to respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19. Prolonged and repeated exposure to fine and ultrafine particles damage the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and the lungs. In this context of health crisis, Alcimed has selected 5 European innovations for you to purify the air in our cities!

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Rare disease 3 tools to improve knowledge and follow

Rare diseases : 3 tools to improve their knowledge and monitoring

25 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

Improving knowledge and monitoring of rare diseases is a major public health issue. These diseases are often chronic, serious and affect all medical specialties. Knowledge of rare diseases is therefore difficult for healthcare professionals to acquire. Facing the transformation of the doctor-patient relationship and the patients’ willingness to express themselves and share “their” experience and “their” knowledge about their disease, new horizons are possible for training and knowledge dissemination.

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Alcimed at the European Excellence in Sustainability sharing session : Sustainable food & nutrition

19 May 2020 | News & events

We are happy to participate in this webinar that aim at bringing insights on how food can become more sustainable. Bettina, our Business Development Director of Alcimed Asia, will share her knowledge and best practices on the Agrifood market. To contribute to the discussion, we will share the scene with three European companies : Danone, FrieslandCampina Sodexo, that will present their sustainability initiatives and projects, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

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CAR T cell therapy future of oncology. Les thérapies à base de cellules CAR T et le futur de l'oncologie

4 key facts steering the future direction of CAR T-Cell therapies

CAR T-cell therapies gain more and more attention as being innovative immunotherapy options for cancer patients. Although being researched for years, the approval reach of new treatments is yet limited to certain types of blood cancer. Challenges linked to the therapy are still strong. At Alcimed, we looked at 4 key aspects that will guide you towards the future direction of development in this great field.

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Médicaments innovants et nouveaux modèles de remboursement basés sur les résultats en santé. Innovative drugs and new outomces-based reimbursement models in healthcare

Innovative drugs and outcomes-based new reimbursement models: a necessity?

High costs of new innovative drugs obviously raise the issue of the capacity of national health insurance systems to finance them, especially as they are often effective in some cases only. The development of those new drugs requires consequently to think beyond the traditional “volume-based” reimbursement model and to go towards an “outcomes-based” reimbursement model in which expensive and selectively working drugs could be prescribed in more cases, even in doubt.

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Digital therapeutics DTx and the implications for pharma companies

3 myths about Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and the implications for pharma companies

15 May 2020 | Alcim's articles

The forecasted Digital therapeutics (DTx) global market annual growth for the upcoming years gravitates around 20%. This fast development triggers questions concerning the place of DTx in the healthcare system and the associated opportunities for pharma players. While the answers to these questions often remain blurry, Alcimed has looked to pour light on 3 of the most popular myths associated with the DTx.

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