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Bioprinting, an upcoming revolution?

25 July 2019 | Press releases

In April, researchers at Tel Aviv University succeeded in recreating a vascularized heart through 3D printing. Even if the organ was the size of a cherry, the progress is immense, and research is getting closer to the ultimate goal of reconstructing organs. The field of bioprinting is booming as many applications are being developed. Alcimed, […]

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The promises of blockchain: The law behind crypto-health!

12 July 2019 | Press releases

While the popularity of Bitcoin has gradually run out of steam, following the fall in its value, the general enthusiasm has now shifted to the technology that supported it: blockchain. The expectations fostered by this new way of transmitting information are such that blockchain is becoming an essential innovation theme in all sectors. Alcimed, a […]

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A solution to the lack of effectiveness of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases: targeting inflammation!

9 July 2019 | Press releases

Due to the lack of certainty about their mechanism of action, research surrounding neurodegenerative diseases seems to be at an impasse. However, today, other therapeutic approaches are being considered, starting with neuroinflammation. Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, follows the advances of this research, which is opening up new treatment opportunities. While current […]

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Digital, for easier and faster access to real life patient data

4 July 2019 | Press releases

The development of digital technologies offers the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to think about doing things differently and better in many of their activities. ALCIMED, a consulting company in innovation and new businesses, analyses the opportunity offered by digital technology to acquire real-life patient data more easily and quickly. Real life data are generated as […]

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Air taxis, a dream becoming reality!

27 June 2019 | Press releases

Air travel seems to be an increasingly feasible and promising solution to the major challenges of reducing congestion in overcrowded urban areas. The transition of urban transport to this third dimension raises many questions, particularly about regulatory aspects, societal acceptance, infrastructure deployment or the technological maturity of vehicles. But could we expect air taxis to […]

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Vulvodynia: a little-known but highly impacting condition for many women around the world

18 June 2019 | Press releases

According to a study conducted by Alcimed, most patients with vulvodynia would consult about 10 different healthcare professionals over several years before receiving the correct diagnosis associated to these symptoms. Lyon, May 10, 2019 – The word vulvodynia comes from “vulvo” meaning vulva and “dyny” meaning pain, which literally means “pain in the vulva”. However, […]

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