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For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in the creation of structured, realistic roadmaps for the development of their new products, services or projects, and to manage the first operational phases.

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    How we support you in your project roadmap

    Alcimed assists its clients in structuring a 360° roadmap by exploring with their partners and collaborators, in their specific environment (regulatory, geographical, historical, …), the scope of possibilities, in order to define an ambitious long-term strategy and plan concrete and orderly actions.

    The project roadmap produced is both a communication and steering tool, whose quality is based above all on the commitment of its operators. This is why Alcimed has a wide range of methodologies and team animation techniques at its disposal to co-construct strategic roadmaps in close collaboration with our clients’ teams. Alcimed also assists its customers in the operational deployment of their roadmaps.

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    Examples of recent project roadmaps carried out for our clients

    • European innovative roadmap on vaccines

      We supported Vaccines Europe, a vaccine group within EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) in mobilizing a consortium of vaccine manufacturers and institutions to build together an innovative “European Vaccine Roadmap” for the next 5 years.

      Our team played the role of project manager in order to 1) bring together the visions of the different vaccine players mobilized, 2) co-write the roadmap with all of them 3) while ensuring the alignment between all and the coherence of the suggested directions.

      The result for our client? A consortium of aligned players, a clear and ambitious collaborative roadmap, and a shared innovation project! Find all the information about this project and the details of the roadmap here:

    • Project roadmap for the launch of an orphan drug in Europe

      Alcimed assisted an American biopharmaceutical client in defining the strategic roadmap for the launch of its orphan drug in Europe, and then in structuring a concrete and operational plan, both at the level of the European region and at the level of each targeted country.

      The launch plan is a strategic roadmap for each of the company’s key functions (medical, marketing, production, regulatory, sales) and covers the period from pre-launch (before obtaining the MA – Marketing Authorization) to the first sales.

      Today, our team is still involved in regularly updating the first plan defined with our client, according to internal or external developments around this orphan drug in several European countries.

    • Project roadmap for the implementation of a 4.0 plant in aeronautics

      For nearly 2 years, Alcimed has supported a company leader in the aeronautics industry in the definition of its project roadmap for the implementation of its 4.0 plant and the operational deployment of this new factory.

      To carry out this project, our team first identified via a benchmark the most relevant organization models and technologies to consider, then we selected the most interesting external service providers for our client, and we finally defined the articulation and the schedule of the different worksites.

      Once the final roadmap was validated, our team piloted, monitored and led the different working groups in charge of the various projects, to deliver the first operational results 12 months later!

    • Roadmap development for a Regional Health Agency (ARS) in France

      We assisted the management team of a Regional Health Agency (ARS) in the formalization of 5 strategic roadmaps to pilot the convergence of the 5 Territorial Support Platforms (PTA) present on its territory.

      The PTAs, which have been implemented following the law on the modernization of the French health system, are support platforms to help healthcare professionals organize the complex care pathways of their patients. The ARS team that we supported wanted to create greater synergy between its 5 platforms and to coordinate all the actions carried out in the territory in a more pragmatic way.

      The work of our team allowed us to define an organization model targeting the future PTAs around 3 key dimensions which were then declined according to the specificities of the territories.

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      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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