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The Alcimed Healthcare team works in the field of DTx (Digital Therapeutics), or digital therapies, which is of increasing importance in the healthcare sector, by supporting its clients, particularly industrial players, to gain a better understanding of DTx, their definition, their value contribution for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, or even the business models of tomorrow including DTx in the value proposition.

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    The challenges related to digital therapeutics (DTx)

    As digital technologies play an increasingly significant role in healthcare, digital therapies (DTx) are emerging to shake up our traditional approach to care. As with any emerging approach, there are many challenges related to digital therapies:

    From a perspective where the DTx are integrated into the care pathways, understanding how to fit them in and promoting their place represents an important strategic issue for stakeholders in the world of healthcare and digital health.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to digital therapeutics (DTx)

      We work both on technological or entrepreneurial state of the art and on market considerations such as the creation of business models or the search for partners. These questions are addressed to us both by pharmaceutical or medtech industrial players and by pure DTx players.

      To answer these questions, Alcimed combines external investigation (monitoring and benchmarking, interactions with stakeholders in the sector, etc.) and often internal analysis to align key functions for our clients in the field of DTx. The innovation, R&D, marketing/sales departments, etc. can be involved in the reflection to facilitate a 360° vision of the subject.

      Alcimed acts as a partner for its clients on these topics, highlighting our recognized expertise in healthcare, new technologies, and digital technology.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in digital therapeutics

      • Development of the DTx strategic roadmap for a pharmaceutical laboratory

        Alcimed supported a European pharmaceutical laboratory in its DTx thinking, the objective of which was to formalize a roadmap for future investments in the field.

        Through monitoring and internal discussions, we built an organizational and governance proposal for the laboratory by addressing key questions: how does the DTx strategy fit in with the laboratory’s portfolio? What functions should a “DTx hub” include? Which therapeutic areas are most directly affected by the topic? This roadmap was ultimately presented to the laboratory’s general management.

      • In-depth analysis of partners in DTx and digital health for a pharmaceutical laboratory

        As part of its support for a European pharmaceutical laboratory, Alcimed regularly carries out expert appraisals and in-depth analyses of innovative start-ups and SMEs with a view to partnerships or co-development.

        Several of these “targets” have a DTx positioning, and, in these analyses, Alcimed interacts directly with the companies of interest to understand their degree of maturity, their DTx value proposition, their inclinations to work with the pharmaceutical company, and their practical needs.

        The desired goal, when a partnership is created, is to catalyze the emergence of the DTx industry by accelerating the marketing of digital therapies!

      • Strategic evaluation of a digital health opportunity in the pain management market

        We supported a pharmaceutical company to take a position on a proposed buyout for a new digital pain management solution.

        We characterized the key markets in pain management by segmenting them by geography and use cases, and we assessed the potential for the solution, taking into account regulatory specificities, market access specificities, cultural habits, etc.

        Finally, we validated the start-up’s value proposition and recommended to our client to proceed with the technical due diligence.

      • Critical analysis of clinical evidence provided by companies offering coaching applications for patients with diabetes

        We supported a European pharmaceutical company to carry out a state-of-the-art research in the field of DTX to induce behavioral change.

        The objective was to define the clinical evaluation criteria that can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of these approaches for patients with chronic diseases, in this case diabetes. We then carried out a search for active partners in the field, and we assessed the level of evidence provided by referring to the state of the art produced as well as the proposed business models.

        Finally, we organized an ad-board to challenge our analysis and finalize the selection of the most relevant partners for our client.

      • Exploration of the hemophilia DTx landscape in the US for a major pharma leader

        Alcimed worked with a major pharma leader to delineate the DTx app landscape in the US for the support of hemophilia patients.

        Our team identified and analyzed the existing DTx apps for hemophilia patients from various platforms to characterize their specific offers and service gaps (e.g. value proposition, partnerships, user reviews). We fully characterized the features (e.g. symptom tracking, treatment tracking) of the most interesting apps and applied a mix of detailed literature research and social listening approaches to gather user perception about the identified hemophilia DTx apps.

        Thanks to our work, our client was able to get a big picture with information on the need-to-have and nice-to-have features for their own solution and recommendations from our team on the first steps to conduct for the design of their own future app.

      • Creation of a DTx to improve the pathway of Morbus Crohn disease patients in Germany

        Alcimed supported a major pharma company on the long term to ideate, develop and launch a DTx to support patients suffering from Morbus Crohn disease in Germany.

        First, we conducted several interviews with HCPs and Crohn’s disease patients in Germany to identify current hurdles and pain points in the patient pathway. We then organized four different workshops to ideate and prioritize new solutions that our client could launch to efficiently support Crohn disease patients.

        In the end, three concepts were selected and further developed and one concept of a DTx entered a pilot phase. Our team also supported our client in the development of the business model and in the launch plan of its DTx solution.

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