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Find the right model to build a winning innovation strategy

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies across the board in building an innovation strategy that focuses their resources and processes on the creation of value in order to meet the needs of their targets.

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    How we support you in your innovation strategy

    To anchor the innovation strategy in the DNA of our customers, we help them develop a corporate culture around innovation that motivates and mobilizes teams, and promotes interaction within the ecosystem.

    Our teams also work on exploring, challenging and developing models such as open innovation, crowd-sourcing, frugal innovation, participative innovation, reverse innovation,… or reinventing business models, with tools such as the Business Canvas or Odyssey 3.14.

    Some innovation models that we implement to work on your innovation strategy:

    • Open innovation: opening up the innovation process to external players – customers, suppliers, SMEs, other industrial companies, start-ups, universities, laboratories, etc. – to take part in the innovation process.
    • Crowdsourcing: submitting challenges to a community of web-based problem-solvers.
      Frugal innovation: doing better with less (the genesis of this concept comes from developing countries who have to prove their ingenuity because they lack resources).
    • Participatory innovation: involving all the company’s employees in the innovation process, for example through innovation contests or simply an idea box! This model leads above all to incremental innovations that are easy to reproduce.
    • Reverse innovation: identifying products developed for developing countries and adapting them for marketing in Western countries.

    Examples of recent innovation strategies carried out for our clients

    • Setting up an "innovation lab" to stimulate a culture of innovation

      We assisted a leading pharmaceutical company that wanted to bring its teams together around innovation to develop new products, new services, new market access models and new ways of working; all in a special and unique place. We decided to generate this new momentum by imagining the creation of an “innovation laboratory”, a physical place “apart”.

      Through an external benchmark and internal workshops with a dedicated project team, we defined its operational functioning and roadmap and then organized the first events taking place in this new laboratory with employees now ready to innovate!

    • Launch of an open innovation challenge in the field of robotics

      We created and launched a one-off challenge of external open innovation for an energy player wishing to boost a new innovation model in the field of robotics.

      Our teams assisted our client in defining the synopsis, writing the rules of the game and the technical specifications, identifying the financing methods, up to the launch of the challenge. About thirty teams responded to the challenge at the international level, but only one team won!

    • Design of an innovation factory dedicated to digital services

      We worked with a major player in the aeronautics industry who wanted to develop new digital services, and who could not afford the very long traditional development times in aeronautics for this kind of innovation race! Everything had to be created from scratch: the process – from idea generation to prototype development -, the places, the people involved and the way they had to interact with each other, etc. A real innovation factory was born! We tested the new approach by accompanying the first 3 ideas, and we also developed user guides, training materials and all relevant models, so that our client could now run it alone and efficiently.

    You have a project?

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.