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Alcimed’s teams accompany public and private decision-makers in their industrial activity relocation projects, by redefining supply chain strategies and supporting the economic attractiveness policies of a region. Our support is notably present in the French policies “France Relaunch Plan” and “France 2030”.

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    The challenges related to industrial relocation

    The challenges in relocation are numerous and are shared in common by several sectors. The key challenges are:

    • Those related to industrial and strategic sovereignty by controlling the supply chain and reducing delivery delays
    • Those related to economic development, with establishment or development of production sites and the associated economic impacts
    • Those related to reducing the environmental impact linked to supply chain size and the associated transports

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to industrial relocation

      Alcimed supports its public and private clients on numerous subjects around the challenges of relocation, and notably on questions about defining supply chain strategies or promoting regional economic attractiveness policies.

      We conduct opportunity studies by analyzing industrial sectors and identifying the assets of a particular region in terms of infrastructure, facilities, and expertise. Since the health crisis, our team is particularly active in supporting our clients with national plans that aim to move production and stimulate the local economic fabric, especially by calls for projects.

      The diversity of our clients (industry players, start-ups and innovative medium-sized businesses, public players in economic development, etc.), the geographic areas we explore, and the types of projects we carry out give us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues linked to relocating industrial activities, whether they relate to industrial or public players.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in industrial relocation

      • Creation of the healthcare sector roadmap of a French urban area in identifying reindustrialization opportunities

        Our client, one of the largest French urban areas, wanted to understand the areas to prioritize in its health sector in order to implement a strategy that would offer support and attract industrial projects.

        After an internal sector inventory and understanding the overall dynamics and policies of the field’s investments, we identified e-health and bioproduction as two particularly pertinent sectors.
        In the context of our project, the client could deploy a roadmap and plan of actions to implement in the healthcare domain.

        This included a targeted policy to attract a pharmaceutical production unit by making direct contact with players in the healthcare sector, and presenting the region’s value proposition to attract future investment.

      • Definition of possible strategic reconversion plans after closing of business activities

        Our client, a local authority, had to close a key industrial site that was a major source of job creation and employment attractiveness for the region.

        Our teams were put into action to reflect on different possible scenarios to implement new valuable activities of the industrial site with a focus on the energy transition. After cross-referencing the strengths of the region with the industrial and technological opportunities to be developed around the energy transition, we planned the development of an industrial hub and its strategic areas.

        We also worked upstream to find industrial links to bring content and use cases to this hub.

      • Economic viability assessment of a potential new industrial site

        Our client, a local authority, identified a key industrial opportunity and wanted to take the lead in imagining a production unit and studying its economic viability.

        After analyzing the market and identifying the market position to take, our teams built different positioning scenarios of an industrial offer that we modeled around attainable profitability challenges.

        Our work enabled the validation of a market opportunity and an industry project that would be economically viable. Our clients could then validate the relevance of launching an engineering strategy to build their industrial site, as well as building a public-private vehicle that could govern the site.

      • Scouting and analysis of security solutions for supply chains of a manufacturer’s critical raw materials

        Our client, a French manufacturer, noticed tension in their supply chain for certain primary materials (notably for their activities linked to the energy transition).

        They asked for our help in carrying out an exhaustive analysis of their activities to identify all of their primary materials in order to analyze the possible risks to their supply and demand, and to understand their future internal needs in order to predict their potential exposure to shortages.

        By taking into consideration the supply chain risks, the client’s needs, and the national ecosystem, we identified together all of the possible scenarios for limiting their risk exposure: reinforcing the local industrial sector, building a recycling sector, and even acquisition of players involved in local production sectors such as mineral extraction or refining.

      • Structure and positioning of a national academic platform to meet the biomanufacturing needs of regional players

        Biomanufacturing is a real sovereignty issue if we are to control a French industry capable of producing new drugs from start to finish. It was around this challenge that our teams helped a national academic platform to position its offer in line with the expectations of players in the region.

        We supported our client by identifying current biomanufacturing practices from the pre-clinical to Phase I stages, with a focus on practices in place abroad, and completed the study by analysing the receptiveness of targets such as manufacturers, academic laboratories and start-ups.

        Our work enabled us to validate the relevance of the project in the light of the competitive offer abroad, and the interest expressed by the targets!

      • Assessment of the relevance and economic feasibility of relocating a flax processing unit

        Alcimed assisted a French agglomeration with a brownfield redevelopment project, wishing to relocate the flax processing activity.

        We identified the key players in the flax industry in the region, across the entire value chain, and characterised their receptiveness in addition to that of textile brands. We also analysed the conditions and resources required to set up such a processing project.

        The agglomeration we supported was able to benefit from an enlightened vision of its opportunities, and to validate the interest of the relocation project on a specific link in the value chain. The study also helped to identify funding opportunities, and led to the submission of an application to the call for expressions of interest “Territorial clusters of cultural and creative industries promoting the structuring of local ecosystems” as part of France 2030.

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