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Validate your project and secure the investment needed for its implementation

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting companies in building their business cases, to demonstrate the viability of their projects and obtain the financing required to implement them.

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    The key success factors of a business case

    A business case is a persuasive document used to obtain approval to launch a project and the necessary funding to do so. To make this exercise a success, the construction of the business case must take into account several key success factors:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in the creation of your business case

      We explore for our clients the major dimensions necessary to build a business case:

      • Estimation of direct revenues and their ramp-up
      • Estimation of indirect gains
      • Analysis of the development plan and costing of associated costs
      • Calculation of ROI and generated margins.

      Such business cases are based on market data (or epidemiological data in the healthcare field), on the analysis of market receptiveness to the new product/new service, and may require the study of similar cases (via a benchmark) to secure the assumptions made. A robust sales forecasting model from the launch of the product/service to peak sales is thus built!

      Examples of recent business cases carried out for our clients

      • Marketing business cases to explore innovative business models for services through concrete business cases

        Our team assisted a pharmaceutical company in the development of a business model for an application to diagnose the different states and severity of depression.

        Several models were considered (Free, Freemium, Premium, Paymium) and were evaluated according to patient behavior, price levels and the possibility of reimbursement by insurers in particular.

        Each model was analyzed in the form of a complete business case and was the subject of strategic partnership scenarios, which allowed our client to project itself and choose the best model for its application.

      • Business case to select the priority development axes of a drug discovery platform

        We assisted a biopharmaceutical company with an innovative technology in the field of gene therapy in the development of business cases to evaluate and choose R&D development axes.

        Our support project was built in 3 phases: we first studied all the therapeutic areas of potential interest and selected the most promising ones, before analyzing the precise indications associated with each of them, allowing us to finally build an appropriate business case for each selected therapeutic area.

        Our client was thus able to compare its different development options, estimate the synergies, and focus its R&D on the areas with the greatest potential.

      • Business case for moving from a product to an integrated solution business model

        Our team supported a major supplier of feed ingredients in the transformation of its traditional business of selling solid methionine in powder form (an essential amino acid) to the distribution and sale of methionine in liquid form, which requires, for example, storage tanks.

        Our explorers conducted a field investigation on 4 continents (in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia) with breeding organizations and equipment suppliers in order to evaluate the market receptivity and to define for our client the most relevant business model for its new approach (price, contractual terms, payment terms).

        Our analysis of the different markets explored led to the construction of a complete business case by region allowing our client to model the sales forecast of its new model and to confirm this evolution.

      • Business case for a “smart production” activity in the aeronautics industry

        We worked for a leader in the aerospace industry to evaluate possible business models and develop a business case for the deployment of CoBOTs (Collaborative Robots) in manufacturing sites.

        We assisted our client in evaluating the possible uses of these robots working in the same areas as the teams, in analyzing the induced savings and in developing the roadmap for the deployment of these machines.

        A complete business case was built to support the project with our client’s management committee.

      • Creation of a business case for a healthcare start-up via a pre-business development project across US markets

        Our team supported a French startup in scoping potential clients in US markets to help develop their market entry strategy business case to bolster confidence with investors.

        To do so, our team investigated all the known US hospitals with the necessary surgery capabilities through publicly available databases to gauge the potential market size for the client’s device. Additionally, we performed an analysis on which hospitals to prioritize as priority targets based on quantity of those surgery activities. We provided our client with an interactive database of relevant surgical centers in the US organized by their estimated level of interest in their device. Our team also assessed the level of certifications and strength of facilities of specialty surgical centers and factored the analysis into the priority target assessment.

        This assessment provided a detailed strategy for US business development and helped to finalize our client’s business case and reassure investors about our client’s familiarity with the US market and readiness for launch.

      • Development of a business case for using modified human protein for the treatment of heart failure

        Alcimed worked with a pharma player to develop a business case for using a recombinant human enzyme in the treatment of heart failure.

        Across the US, EU, and Japan, our team determined the competitive landscape for our client’s protein and performed scenario planning on peak sales and net present value. Our assessment was done through an in-depth investigation into heart failure and the unmet medical need from current treatment strategies.

        In the end, we provided a detailed accounting of pre-clinical products in current pipeline of competitors and estimates on potential revenue, to provide our client recommendations on whether to move forward into subsequent animal studies. The exploration of this topic assisted our client in finalizing its business case to decide on which programs in their pipeline to advance for further development.

      • Definition of a business case to estimate new revenue models of two extension markets for a biotech player

        Alcimed assisted an international biotechnology player in estimating potential revenue models corresponding to the identified extended markets for two diseases, to develop a business case and be better prepared for future discussions with potential investors.

        To do so, we conducted extensive research on both diseases to build the potential revenue models of the two extension markets. Scenario planning of peak sales for the extension markets were performed via interviews with key opinion leaders in both disease fields and analysis of best available data.

        On this basis, our team was able to assess our client’s financial opportunity and risk associated with both extension markets and provide insight on the key factors needed to achieve success.

      • Deciphering of pricing models of algorithms in the digital pathology software market to complete a business case

        Alcimed assisted an international software manufacturer to finalize their business case by understanding the pricing models they can employ to be competitive in the diagnostics algorithm space for digital pathology.

        To help our client understand the current value proposition of players in the field and define the ideal value proposition for their algorithm, our team investigated the unmet needs and receptivity to the potential digital pathology offer. This investigation was conducted across the US and EU countries and targeted a representative sample of varied laboratories and key stakeholders for discussions.

        Through this investigation, our team delineated the current pricing practices and the likelihood that particular pricing strategies would either encourage or hinder the adoption of new digital pathology algorithms. Our client’s short- and long-term product enhancements were also defined in order to implement their preferred pricing strategy.

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